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What is your favorite card game?

Asked by PhiNotPi (12677points) July 18th, 2012

This question is so simple that I’m surprised that no identical question has been asked before.

What is your favorite card game that uses the standard 52/54 card deck (or multiple such decks)? Why do you like the game? As an extended question, do you have any favorites that do not use the standard deck?

One of my favorites is Egyptian Ratscrew, a more complicated version of beggar-my-neighbor + slapjack. The general idea is that for every face card (JQKA) laid down, the next person has a certain number of tries to lay down another face card. If he is unable to do so, the previous player (the one that laid down the recent face card) takes the entire stack. When certain combinations of cards are laid down on the stack, the first person to slap the stack gets to take the stack. A player wins by accumulating all of the cards.

I like this game becuase it can be played with ridiculous speed, with several cards played per second. Even at this speed, games can go on for quite a while.

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There’s nothing more fun than a game of Hearts with a totally heartless band of buddies.

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I love to play spades. It’s simple, but with the people I play, it can be quite cut throat.

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Spider Solitaire.

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For normal cards, Spades.

For card games in general, Pimp:The Backhanding, an out-of-print card game that the publisher won’t admit ever happened.

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I’m not much of a card-game player. I’ve played poker and it’s alright, but I don’t really enjoy it all that much. To be honest, my favorite card game is probably BS, even though I know it’s intended for 12-year-olds. But it can be fun to get a big drunk group together and play it. :P Still, I’d like to learn some new ones.

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Cribbage. I can only play online now and I don’t do that too often. I don’t have anyone to play with in real life. It isn’t a popular game in Australia.

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Cribbage is excellent, I used to play with my grandfather. I also like 13 card brag . What @PhiNotPi calls Egyptian Corkscrew we used to call ‘Strip Jack Naked’, I’ve no idea why.

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@Bellatrix : I forgot to mention that game. I love cribbage. I used to play it weekly with a friend, but then he bought a pizza parlor and got busy. :-(

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I love Egyptian Ratscrew! BS is another one of my favorites, like @DominicX. Sure, it’s simple and can be played by ten-year-olds, but it’s hilarious to play at any age. I’m also surprisingly good at poker and like to play because people always underestimate me. ;)

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Texas hold em & I don’t mean cowboys roasting their nuts around a camp fire.

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Strip poker.

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@flutherother I actually call it Egyptian Ratscrew, not Egyptian Corkscrew, although that may just be your autocorrect.

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Hand and Foot
Spite and Malice
500 Rummy

Like others have said, Hearts and Spades. I could never get the hang of Poker.

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Another Spades fan here. A family favorite was FanTan.

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The only one I know how to play is Spades. Can go on for hours into the night, drunk or sober.

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My partner’s family used to play Contract Rummy. I really enjoyed that. It needs a fairly sizeable group to play though; we usually had seven or eight players. And lots of cards.

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I like simple games…

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Euchre. The games I get into with my friends are always intense and can get extremely nasty if someone gets caught reneging.

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