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USPS lost my package, is there anything I can do about it?

Asked by chelle21689 (7770points) July 19th, 2012

I sold a text book for about $50 through Amazon. The customer wondered why she hasn’t received it yet. Today I received a letter:
“The enclosed was found loose in the mail or damaged by mechanical processing equipment. We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused by this incident. In the course of processing mail, items occasionally become separated from a package and may be lost or sustain damage. Please accept our sincere apologies.”

>_<....REEALLY??? I had delivery confirmation on it but I don’t have insurance policy. I’ve sent books out for years and never had this issue!

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By the way, they mailed me back a piece of the torn package with the addresses I wrote.

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Contact them about filing a claim and receiving reimbursement.

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@chelle21689 Thanks for the additional information. I was wondering how they knew to contact you and what was sent back.

Based upon the information on the USPS website, @jca is correct in advising to file a claim. Here is a link. Reading the fine print might help figure out what the chances are for resolution.

The buyer who was expecting the book should also be notified, if you haven’t done so already.

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Do I need to refund the buyer???

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@chelle21689: It seems it would be the right thing to do, doesn’t it?

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Yeah. Sucks for me.

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Wow, seriously? I’m surprised that happened.

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@chelle21689: Hopefully you get reimbursed from USPS. Meanwhile, it’s not the buyer’s fault. Sucks for them, too, right? They don’t get something they wanted and paid for.

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yeah i know.

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It happens. That is why when you send with USPS you should buy insurance. Either that or ship with UPS, as they include insurance up to $100 for no additional charge.

You can file a claim. Without insurance, you may be out the funds.

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@chelle21689 If you were in the buyer’s shoes, what would you want?

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@SpatzieLover They just factor the insurance into their higher base cost :) lol.

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Exactly @tedd. I prefer USPS for a lot of reasons. I just tack the insurance into my “free shipping” on ebay.

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Uh… yeah… you should refund the buyer, and you shouldn’t wait for USPS to reimburse you before you do it.

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