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Should "game" threads have their own section?

Asked by downtide (23815points) July 19th, 2012

Currently, threads like the Fluther War, and “The Jelly Below Me” go in Social, but they don’t really seem to fit with the rest of the section. Yet they don’t really fit in Meta either. Is it time there was a “Games” section on Fluther?

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It would be a good place for hunters to gather & discuss venison, pheasant & grouse…..i’ve gotten this wrong again haven’t I?

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I think they should go to game sites, where they would have a lot more fun.

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I think three sections is enough. I wouldn’t want to encourage more of those types of questions. One or two is fine but they would just get sillier and sillier.

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We can’t even get rid of “Federated (beta)”!

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There are unlikely to be programming changes on the site. If there were, I imagine that would not be the first. It’s not a bad idea though.

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@Bellatrix Yeah I agree with that. I have no problem at all with game threads, but I agree, there shouldn’t be anything on here that actually encourages them, at least not at that level. :/ Pretty sure that ain’t what Fluther be ‘bouts, mateys.

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Yeah, and we need another dozen special sections, too. This place is way too complicated. How can you ever find what you want?

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I don’t mind them in Social, but I know that some people do. What would be really nice is if you could filter the site to your own specifications. Then people would only see the type(s) of question they are really interested in, and could hide the type(s) they’re not fond of. Once upon a time, this was on the list of future updates.

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@augustlan that would have been a good idea. I’d love to be able to filter out the game threads. Maybe it could (or could have been) done by Topic. Oh well. I can dream…

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And a section for discussions on the apocalypse.

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@erichw1504 But shouldn’t the Zombie Apocalypse have its own section?

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@janbb That could be a sub-section.

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@erichw1504 Ham, capicola and provolone?

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@janbb Just add cheese and you’re good.

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Could we have a cookie section?

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@erichw1504 What part of provolone isn’t cheese? :-)

@cprevite It’s always about the cookies, isn’t it?

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Well..I think Milo and Marwyn should have their own section too, after all, they are the most popular pets on fluther. Right now that randy Milo has posted his phone number for a good time. Call 1–800 555-MILO

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“Change is constant..
( •_•)
( •_•)>⌐■-■
...on a progressive website.”

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I think they are just fine in Social.

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@janbb, @erichw1504 and @Coloma: When talking about the Zombie Apocalypse, please don’t forget the YARN-POCALYPSE!!

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good times

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Yarn-ageddon sounds way better.

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Yarnpocalypse, Yarnageddon…it doesn’t matter what you call it, Mister! ’‘slugs back whiskey’’ You can’t kill damnation, it don’t die like a normal man!

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Well, she is getting on a bit, bless ;¬}

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Yeah I just thought it was a good idea to quote some drunk guy from Halloween IV. Dun be mindin’ me, mate.

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I know you did & it’s never a bad idea to quote drunks, dey say sum funny shit!

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Do you actually know which scene I was referring to? Because if you did that’s awesome. :D

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@Symbeline Sure I know, Loomis gets a ride off this old timer, I think he’s a preacher or something. I fucking love that film, remains the only one in the franchise I ever saw at the cinema, with an old girlfriend, Denise was her na… i’m waffling on ;¬}

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@ucme Sweet, you really do know it! Other than Halloween II, IV is my fave, and that scene with the preacher is my favorite one. I also have this theory, that this old preacher dude is actually an angel, sent by Heaven to help Loomis get to Haddonfield.

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@Symbeline Yeah, it’s weird that this guy just happens to turn up when Loomis is bumming a lift. He seems pretty clued up about Myers & his barbaric legacy, maybe you’re right.
I’d have liked to see them team up, they’d certainly have had fun along the way, eccentric fuckers :¬)

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@ucme Yeah. I mean how does this old dude know about what Loomis is doing? It’s clear that he obviously knows though, through his words. Him just appearing like that and talking about how ’‘it don’t die like a normal man’’ is why I think he isn’t human. And yeah lmao, I could just totally see that guy wielding a shotgun and pulling a Braindead; I kick ass foh da LOOORD!!:D

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@Symbeline I think I just found his wife, be careful out there hitch-hikers XD

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LOL Large Marge. XD

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