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Are you a closed or open book?

Asked by snapdragon24 (1592points) July 19th, 2012 from iPhone

Hey guys, so are you an extreme introvert or extrovert? I’m curious… What are you like offline? I for instance am an extreme extrovert which can be a really bad thing. Im trying really hard to be more reserved. I say more than I should, I dont always pay attention to what I say… and I’m way too honest as a person. I beat myself up for it sometimes because I give people a lot to talk about. What do you find are the disadvantages of being who you are??

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I’m closed until you earn my trust.

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I am quite dog-eared. I believe I have bared my soul enough here to think I am an open book.

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I’m a lot more open here than I am in real life. I don’t talk much when I go out, except with my very close friends. They can’t get me to shut up. :D

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Hmm. . . I’m definitely an introvert, but many introverts I know are still open books. Their personality and experiences are available to anyone who chooses to give them ten minutes of time in a personal atmosphere. And I know quite a few extroverts who hide behind this aura of everything being easily available when it isn’t.

I wouldn’t say I’m hard to get to know. I want people to know me. But only if they put the effort in. But it is difficult for me to be honest with someone about personal things until I have a certain amount of trust with them, and that trust is sometimes difficult to build.

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I’m very introverted, but I am an open book. I don’t know if there is a connection between the two. Like you, I am very honest and straightforward, I also sometimes regret being so open, because I feel like it gives people ammunition to use against me.
Offline, I am only different in that I am able to use tone better. Frequently, online, things that I say are taken as negative, sarcastic, or snarky, when that couldn’t be further from the truth. It happens all the time, but almost happens never face to face.

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I’m an extrovert although not an extreme extrovert and I am very open both here and in the real world.

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I’m an introvert generally but can quickly change into my assertive mode as necessary (which is a total façade). I shy away from crowds and I’m not a team player. I’m the lone wolf who loves to do his own thing. I’m the silent hero waiting in the background to help out as needed. People at work see me as a funny guy as they frequently tell me how much they love my droll humor. I don’t see myself as truly funny as I just use humor as a tool to help cope with tedious boredom.

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On fluther I am pretty open because I won’t say who I really am.
In everyday life, Open with those close to me and Closed with everyone else.
No disadvantage in being me. I’m happy to be me. Only wish I was taller so I could reach stuff in a higher shelf without a step ladder or having to ask someone for help.

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Extrovert. Open book.

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Closed book. One can force me open, but only if I want em to. I take a lot of time, and most peeps don’t got the patience, but that’s probably a good thing. I mean maybe my life would be better if I was more open, but fuck it, I’m sure it’s saved me from making it much worse at times.

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I’m curious what people think of me. I talk a lot about things here that most people don’t feel comfortable sharing. Yet, I keep a lot of things private that would compromise my anonymity. In real life, it’s kind of a mirror image. I keep things private that will compromise my safety, but talk freely about things that are not dangerous.

I do not feel I am an open book.

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Is there such a thing as a book that’s ajar? That’s me.

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I’m quite the introvert.
The only people I really talk to in real life are my family, but I don’t even tell them everything and apparently I tend to say rather odd and “interesting” things so I try not to say too much. I apparently inherited the social issues that run in my family and a speech impediment that I find rather embarrassing. I pretty much just dwell in my lair all day writing and drawing and what not. I think the person I talk to most is myself..I don’t actually have conversations with myself, it’s more like just thinking aloud or singing or whatever I feel like doing when I’m by my lonesome.

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I’m definitely an extrovert in real life but I wouldn’t say I’m an open book. A lot of the stuff I’ve been through (particularly with family) are such that it makes most people intensely uncomfortable.

Besides, I’m genuinely interested in people, their varied life experiences and what makes them tick, why they have the viewpoints they do.

So I never find myself lacking for conversation opportunities as most people are pretty happy to be talking about themselves and their interests.

With my close friends I’m an open book but it takes a considerable amount of water under the bridge before I consider someone a close friend.

I have lots of acquaintences with whom I’m on very friendly terms, but I can count the number of true friends I have on my fingers. And that’s fine for me.

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I’m definitely an extrovert but I wouldn’t say I’m an extreme one. I love to be social but I don’t really talk a great deal when I’m in a group. My colleagues at work call me the quiet one.

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I’m one of those pop-up books, my pages simply flop open to reveal all kinds of wonders inside.
More suited to childish buggers of all ages.

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I’m introverted, but I like making friends and I’m even learning to like making conversation. I won’t tell you my life’s story unprompted (not in real life, anyway – I share a lot more here, Fluther is a haven), but I’m not shy if asked. Usually, anyway. I like to answer questions about myself if someone appears to be interested, and I like to ask questions to learn about other people.

I especially am an open book regarding what I’ve been through with my health….mostly. Even though my problems are not “pretty” ones (digestive disease, woo!), I feel that spreading awareness and being unashamed of the reality of my body is important to removing the stigma. I say that, and I’ve stuck to it for most of my life, until very recently. These days I’ve got something going on in my body that feels like it’s straight out of a horror movie, and I hate to say it, but I feel very embarrassed by it, and I’ve become a lot more private when it comes to sharing about that part of my life. I feel like I’m kind of a let down to my ideals for feeling this way.

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I have been very introverted my whole life but as I age I am opening up more. In certain circumstances I can be very extroverted.

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