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What was the most interesting or intriguing item that you have found on the internet?

Asked by eambos (8899points) June 1st, 2008

When? Where? How? And, if you have it, the URL.

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Two come to mind….
Has since run it’s course and the game is over…..
Who among us can’t appreciate Frog in a Blender and 10 Pump BB Gun

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@Vincentt: this one is way better

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i still can’t believe this is online. good way to waste time lol.

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Fark. Very interesting interactive news site.

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I lurve it sueanne!!! Hey if you have any other cool sites like that feel free to private message me some! That was hilarious!

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@Wizard: Ahh….another goof like me. glad you enjoyed, Wiz.

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HumanClock is a cool website which has a picture for every minute of every hour of the day, pictures with the time, like a number-plate that says 2143 will appear at 9:43 pm.

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its hard to say, just like when i first time found YouTube I believe it was the best video site that i ve ever seen, but later i found Vemeo and its HD video deeply attract me, and the same time i found adobe media player ,joost and metacafe that make it possible watching favorate videos through desktop apps .
internet is changing every min, theres so many stuff that is attractive!

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inv3 is a cool website that plays depth enhanced “v3 video” . You can also download hd quality video. The video definitely looks more realistic.

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