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My coffee keeps turning on whenever it wants, any suggestions to turn it off?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4367points) July 19th, 2012

It is the Black & Decker “Brew’N Go”

There is no real on and off switch, just the “push down” to brew knob/slider. I’ve owned this brand new since fathers day. Any suggestions? So far I’ve, pulled the plug out and even have tried to move the slider up, although it doesn’t move upwards.

Thanks anyhow!

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I suggest you take it back. It sounds like it is defective or even haunted. Best to send it back in either case.

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It sounds broken and you should take it back to the store as @chyna suggested.

Or… you have caffeine depleted ghosts.

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Check it out on to see if a recall has been issued for it.

Several years ago there were cases where Mr. Coffee machines caused fires because they came on automatically while people were sleeping and overheated.

I’m glad you’re unplugging it when not in use.

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Keep it unplugged when you are not using it.

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Black and Decker make saws and drills. Proctor Silex or Hamilton Beach do not. Time to trade up.

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Haunted for sure. You got bug bears in area. Long as they don’t bother you, let ‘em enjoy some coffee. I used to have a stereo that would turn off and on. I was alone one day, and was cleaning the house to surprise my wife when she came home from grocery shopping. As I was starting to wash the dishes, the damn thing came on and was blaring country music. I yelled, Hey! You wanna listen to music, I’m cool with that, but not so damn loud! And it turned itself down, like some one was there. LOL. Ghost? I don’t care, as long as he/ she/ it had some consideration for people. Evidently it did.

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