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Time capsule: i need to format my powerbook harddrive and wonder if i could restore my programms with the time machine backup?

Asked by unddiefliege (115points) June 1st, 2008

yeah, it’s tragic: my powerbook ran so smoothly for over two years. i mainly do layout and design. thgis weekend i have a lot of work so i decided on thursday to upgrade to leopard – which is cool, but anyway.

since my upgrade my cs3-stuff doesn’t work anymore. reinstalling resulted in the error message: components could not be installed. the adobe script didn’t help either….

so i decided the reformart my hard drive and i plan to restore my programms (like aperture) by using time machine…

does that work? any experience with that?

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try this first:

Did you upgrade the operating system and then CS3 stopped working or did you reinstall it?

If the upgrade broke it try reinstalling CS3. If that doesn’t work, use this script and then reinstall. If this works it could save you a lot of time and effort.

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well, what i did was a full backup with time machine, so remove any exclusions, and that works pretty smooth, but i agree, first try to save the system, and furthermore, how will you know the same trouble will be gone on the new system? it’s a 1:1 copy of the current system

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mh. thought about formating everything new from the base, then installing cs3, and finally restoring the missing data, music, pics, emails etc…

in any case: technology sucks (sometimes)... the whole idea of fixing a system instead of working with it makes me wanna puke more than i can eat… grrrrrr.

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you know, it’s not hard to just fix the system, but seriously, you need to realise what the timemachine restore is for…it’s for restoring your entire system, that’s why they made it in the fist place didn’t they? so just fix it and deal with it kid

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