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What does your dog/cat get up to when you aren't about?

Asked by Bellatrix (21257points) July 20th, 2012

Inspired by this news story.

So do you have a pet who has or does get up to unexpected mischief?

Tell us your ‘clever’ pet stories.

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Sleeps. He’s almost 16!

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Our lab mostly sleeps and rolls in the grass, but our toy poodle mostly gets herself lost or stuck, whether if it’s from slipping through a crack in the fence to the vacant lot or getting locked inside the storage shed. Not particularly clever and it’s disconcerting from our perspective because we want both dogs to be safe. Curiousity isn’t always a good thing.

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Sleep, sleep and more sleep.

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I come home and find most of the contents of every wastebasket all over the floor.

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One of my cats gets up on the counters, pretty much the minute we leave the house or head upstairs for bed.

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Cloudy and Rishy (our cats) have friends over to play poker. Many years ago, I had two cats named Elizabeth and Roger. They ran a detective agency from the basement. They drove around town in a red convertible solving crimes. They also had friends over to play bridge and drink very dry martinis.

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The cat I used to have apparently watched television while I was at work. When returning home one day, I found her posed exactly like this, only with a TV remote control at her side.

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We had an outdoor cat who adopted himself a second family.

The four square meals a day made him really unhealthily large and eventually we had to take him to the vet, who suggested we keep him indoors, which we did.

The other family put up lost signs, at which point we called them and figured out what had been happening, and for years we had a schedule of when each family would have him, as both families had children who were attached.

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Thank you everyone. @gailcalled, Milo is such a busy cat and @tedibear wow, such talented pets. And some dogs definitely have the Houdini gene @muppetish. :-) wonder what her favourite programme is @Pied_Pfeffer? @athenasgriffin I am pretty sure my cat has another family too. It’s lovely that you shared your cat with the other family. He got the best of both worlds.

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I’m certain my dawg sits & counts the hours/minutes with her paws until I return home, whenever I do, she’s all over me like a rash…..bless.

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My cat probably devises a plan to kill me.

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@Bellatrix I have no clue what the cat was watching. It would be interesting to know. She also dialed 911 (the emergency line) one day while I was at work. Maybe she was bored and wanted some company. And she got it.

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