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Merece la compra de un macbook pro?

Asked by cyberfrancis (1points) June 29th, 2007

Estoy indeciso si comprar un macbook pro ahora o en octubre cuando salga Leopard

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translation via Google Translate: "I am indeciso if to now buy macbook pro or in October when it leaves Leopard"

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Esperar hasta octubre porque ahora no est?n dando hacia fuera cupones de la mejora del leopardo. Tambi?n el precio pudo entrar abajo en octubre debido a una venta de la %u201Cbact-a-escuela%u201D. Picosegundo. la vez pr?xima intenta por favor hacer tus preguntas en ingl?s de modo que no tengamos que utilizar una herramienta del traductor.

or in english :
Wait till October because right now they are not giving out leopard upgrade coupons. Also the price might go down in october because of a "bact-to-school" sale. PS. next time please try asking your questions in ENglish so that we do not have to use a translator tool.

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Actually, I thought it was so awesome how this question was in Spanish. Fluther is on its way to becoming multilingual! Bring it on! (Yo pense que era fantastico que esta pregunta estaba en espanol. Fluther va a convertirse multilingue. Que bueno!)

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sarah what happens to answerpeople who dont understand a foreign language???

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@mirza then they go to google translator (or don't answer).

Espere hasta octubre. (estoy apesadumbrado que no hablo espa?ol, ?ste estoy traducido de "Google")

Wait until october. (I'm sorry I do not speak spanish, this is translated from "Google")

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yep that seems to be the only way - wow i never thought i would have to use google translate once i was done with my required two years of spanish

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Dan zal ik ook eens helpen met Fluther multilanguage maken!
(I will help making Fluther multilangual too!)

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