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Do you think people will shy away from the Batman movie and from movie theaters in general, because of the massacre in Aurora?

Asked by jca (35976points) July 20th, 2012

Do you think people will shy away from seeing the Batman movie and from movie theaters in general because of the massacre in Aurora?

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No, I shy away from theaters because of people using cell phones and general lack of manners of many of the patrons.

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Yes they will. They shouldn’t but they will.

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No. I do think people will shy away from Aurora Century 16, though.

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Yes. My son told me that many of his friends who were going to see it are now going to wait for the home release.

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I think some people will avoid theaters for awhile.
I am watching the news and hearing about the victims. I have tears in my eyes despite that I don’t have an easy life.
Time after time innocent people are victimized by insane gunmen. Clearly it is time the US finds a bipartisan solution to insane people obtaining guns.
I have not liked crowds for many years. I watch films at home.

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Sadly, yes.
Movies are about escapism. This film has lost some of that ability, now.

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Yes, I am. But not because I fear the same will happen in my theatre, but because it will make me so sad. It’ll be hard to focus on the movie since I’ll be thinking of the incident and the victims the whole time. And I sort of feel like skipping it in solidarity with the victims, as illogical as that may be.

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What massacre? :/
Does anyone have a link to the article, or something?

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No, because that was there and this is here.

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It’s very tragic what happened, but many people probably won’t even know what went on. All they are thinking is “new Batman movie this weekend!” and they’ll simply attend. Others who are more in contact with news outside their town may get scared but will simply make a decision on attending based on how likely something like that will happen to them.

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PS: I’m going to see Batman tonight.

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No. Because most reasonable people know it has nothing to do with Batman. It has everything to do with people who are fucked up.

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I think so. Some people are thinking of copycat effect. I’m dying to know if he has some kind of rational like the Norwegian man.

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No. I just saw it and people were lining up to watch it. But if I only I knew the movie sucked, I would just have waited for the Blu-Ray. Nolan’s third was tired and tiring.

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I think it’s ridiculous for people to avoid going to see this movie just because of the shooting. That’s like “Oh, a plane crashed! I’m never flying again!” or “Someone choked on their hot dog! No more weenies for me!” or “That guy died of cancer and he was a HUGE Beatles fan! Better burn all my old 45s!”

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I don’t thnk people will stay away from the movie because of the shooting, but I wouldn’t be surprised if people stayed away after some of the reviews I’ve heard from friends that have seen it already.

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I’ve always hated all batman movies.

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The folks with hysterical tendencies will stay away for a while and some may choose to stay away from crowded places all together until this reaches a blow over point for them. I avoid theaters for the reasons @WestRiverrat stated, not because of some domestic terrorist. I would like to see a movie soon it has been a while since Avatar and I’m ready to go.

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Problem is, there is the danger of copycats, just as there were of the Columbine massacre.

But, as with lightning, the chances of this happening at any one location is very low.

I won’t be going anyhow, because movies in the theaters are just too expensive.

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I imagine there will be some people who will put off seeing it right away. Give any possible ‘copycat effect’ time to manifest itself before they go. I wonder how big a financial hit the movie will take.

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@augustlan I have a friend who works for Warner. He said last Friday it’s either the shooting drives down their first weekend sales or push it higher. That’s just his opinion. His wife who works for Warner Bros. also saw the movie and I saw it too and we both agree the movie wasn’t good.

That may produce more negative effect in the long run for this last installment’s sales. More than the shooting tragedy.

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My wife’s comment was when we heard the news: How can movie makers create fictitious characters like the Joker that glorify violence and enjoy mass killings? I replied, well, what about real-life characters like Nazis in the Third Reich who also enjoyed mass killings? She pointed out, well, neo-Nazis are small groups, while dozens of millions of fans adore characters from major movies like Batman. Some will want to emulate them. Well, what about Klingons? And Romulans? Anyone emulating them? I don’t know about a single case. Trekies are peaceful. So what’s different in Batman?

Well, we had to agree that we disagree.

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I think that during a reasonable time peroid following the massacre that many people will shy away, while others won’t. Give anything enough time though and many people will start reverting back to their old habits again. There will always be new people born (or growing up) to take the place of those who will avoid certain enviroments too.

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@mattbrowne I think you and your wife are both right. ”movie makers create fictitious characters like the Joker that glorify violence and enjoy mass killings?” It seems undeniable, regardless of which movies happen to be – for whatever reason – corrolated with real life incidents. You are right too there is something about Batman. The character is way too dark even the fans admit. Did it drive ”Heath Andrew Ledger” to his depression and death? They remind me of lazy comedians who need to be vulgar etc.

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They are going to almost have to go to the movies to escape it because all that is on TV is more news coverage of the incident.

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