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I would like to know how to convince my roommate that some damaged electronics are fire hazards?

Asked by talljasperman (21916points) July 20th, 2012

At least that I don’t want them turned on until I move out. The TV is hers and the cable service and digital box are mine I pay the cable , the electricity bill and half the rent. The apartment is in her name. In the living room my roommates television is an 35 year old 25 inch colour citizen attached to an three power bars with most of the outlets being used. The power bar is covered in too much dust to clean and some of the prongs on some of the devices are damaged. The power bar is currently turned off, but my roommate is angry because I keep telling her that I don’t feel safe with the television plugged in at this time. It will be at least three months before I can move out.

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Um, is this a copout? You can unplug the devices to clean the power bars if you want. This is not too much work. You might want to know which plugs seem to be in bad shape, and which devices they are attached to. You could possibly decommission those devices or get the plugs fixed by taking them to a shop.

You could also purchase safer power bars with better surge protection and perhaps even built in circuit breakers. But your apartment circuit breakers or fuses should protect you against shorts and possible fires. But if you buy surge protectors that are proper for your situation, you should be able to operate your devices safely.

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You can’t expect her to go 3 months without a TV. You will have to either get a new surge protector or just clean the dust. You are being a little unreasonable, but I suspect there is another issue at hand.

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I just turned on the Television and it doesn’t get any channels… So the problem resolved itself. Thank both of you for answering. @chyna With the other Issue I was given a mild but still unpleasant shock from my old servery busted television in my bedroom room last month (that was making scary buzzing sounds to the point that I wasn’t getting any sleep). I am creep-ed out at electronics and the sound of electricity right at the moment. My storage closet if full of damaged electronics and VCR’s that don’t work anymore.

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You can (and should) recycle your old electronics if they don’t work and are irreparable. But @wundayatta kinda hit the nail on the head, there seems to be something else going on here between you and your roommate. What’s all the stuff that’s plugged in anyway? Do you have stuff on at the same time, or do you just have a couple things on simultaneously?

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@zenvelo Everything on all at once, including two computers, a printer, a modem, a D-link , a PVR, a DVD VCR combo, a radio, two couple of cell phone chargers, a noisy fridge and microwave all on the same breaker. Plus the option to boil water in an electric kettle and a stove and a toaster and an electric hair curler . Plus all the lights in the room with the wrong wattage light bulbs all in a tiny living room in a small one bedroom apartment the breakers frequently trip. Plus the bedroom was full of plugged in electronics, televisions, VCR’s, radios, two more Computers, and many painful light sources and a powerful noisy air purifier.

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