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How would you have explained this situation to an angry university Dean from the perspective of "CC" (Details Inside)

Asked by talljasperman (21739points) July 20th, 2012

You are a 20 year old man “CC” in the first year in a college dorm. (you have no money, no job and you have never lived on your own before nor had a girlfriend.) You ran away from home because some family members were calling you lazy and worthless, as a result you stopped talking to them from that day on. You spent the first semester of university focused on school until a beautiful woman “CT” started spending time with you as close friends. Because you waited to long to make a move “CT” started dating your male friend “WV”. You tried moving on and dated the next woman that smiled at you “MA” . The two women “CT” and “MA” including you and her boyfriend “WV”, all became friends. The first woman “CT” brakes up with “WV” and tells you not to speak to him anymore? You figured you could ask “CT” out on a date now that “WV” is out of the picture. You break up with your girlfriend “MA” dramatically. You tell “CT” who was dating “WV” that you love her in an E-mail. Meanwhile “CT” had gotten engaged to a fourth year student “JK”. The girlfriend “MA” asks you out again ? Then she dumps you after three days in front of your family at a Thanksgiving Family Dinner/ Reunion… You are walking into the Dean of Student Residents life’s office because he has asked you to explain… what do you say?

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Why is the Dean involved?

CC made some mistakes in trying to go from one girl to another, and went against his own friend. CC needs to apologize to each of the other people , try to repair the friendships if possible, but also learn that he should have no expectations of any sort that his apologies will be accepted, and should not have any expectations of either of the women being romantic again.

I don’t understand if CC “ran away” to college why he is at a Family DInner, nor if his home life was so awful why he took a girlfriend there.

But what does the Dean have to do with anything? Unless the story is missing some important parts.

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@zenvelo “CC” complained to the Dean that he had lost control of the situation, and that he was sick. “CT” claimed that someone sent her a death threat. “CC” wanted to show his family that he had a girlfriend and was not a loser so that they would leave him alone. “CC” was being assaulted and stalked in university by his family members trespassing in his dorm room and obtaining personal information on him from his friends. “CC” wanted someone to witness what was happening and, (seeing that he had no friends), tried making some so that they can help him press charges against the family because no one ever believed him. In the end “CC” ran as far away as he could and moved to another city without finishing his degree.

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But why is the Dean specifically angry at CC ?

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Unless participating in relationships “Days of our lives” style is part of the curriculum I fail to see why you need to answer to any of the Deans questions???

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Um…wow. I can’t imagine the Dean or anyone else willingly involving themselves in drama like this.

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@bookish1 “CC” I don’t know, “CC” thinks because he was supposed to be the mature ones and that all the guys were older by one or two years than the women on campus.

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The Dean should never have been involved, unless CT brought the alleged death threat to him specifically to look at or listen to (however she received it). Does CT know who sent the death threat? Did she try to blame CC for sending it? Can she prove who sent it?

CC should have gone to a school counselor to deal with his stress and relationship and family problems. I still don’t see how the Dean ever caught wind of any of this.

CC should have broken up with his girlfriend (MA) before he got together with CT, no matter how much he thought he loved CT. It’s just bad form.

It was probably not a good idea to date CT at all after she had been dating WV (CC’s male friend) it’ just not cool, at least not for a year or so at least.

CC should have known (since he was around her often, these things aren’t hard to figure out) that CT likes to jump from man to man. She wasn’t good mate material. Also, CC should have known that CT was not a good person, because she told CC never to speak to WV again. Unless WV had done something bad (like sending her the death threat, do we know who actually sent that to her???) she had no business telling CC who he can and cannot speak to.

CC should never have used MA to appease his family (the need to see him with a girlfriend) That was just plain mean. Is that why MA dumped CC or was it for some other reason?

It’s too bad that CC ran away from the school without having finished his degree. That will likely be a source of problems to him in the future. He should have spoken to his advisor and the school counselor and tried to work out a solution to his problems.

I hope CC is able to work everything out.

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I think you should take this story and use it to write a script for a soap opera.

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@Adagio Thanks Its in the works.

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