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What do you think Spain's future will be like?

Asked by poisonedantidote (21650points) July 21st, 2012

As some of you may know, I live on an island owned by Spain. Recently things have started to go real bad for Spain, except on the island I live on as we are protected by tourists who come here to empty their pockets.

However, the Spanish government has recently removed unemployment money for those that are out of work, and replaced it with “unemployment help”, basically a 3rd of the money you usually get.

The island I live on has heavy tourism for 6 months of the year, and zero work or jobs out of season. Most people here depend on unemployment money to get through winter.

People on this island have started making plans for when the tourists leave. Normal people are now planning criminal ways of surviving winter, and everyone you ask seems to think it is fair game. (even little old ladies on news sound bites)

The people seem to be anticipating riots in the winter, and while there are still a few months to go, people have already started planning for riots in advance. Some are stock piling crash helmets, metal poles, fireworks (rockets, flares, etc), glass bottles, rags and fuel, and also things to build barricades with.

I have a fairly wide range of friends, who come from many different walks of life, and I already know of at least 4 totally separate people who are preparing for battle.

Based on what has happened in other countries, specially recently, what do you think Spain’s future will be like?

I think things will be ok, mainly because I think riots will fix things, a lot of economic progress is being held back by laws. e.g. In our tourist dependent area it is illegal to have live entertainment without a license, and totally illegal to advertise via posters or pamphlets.

I think things will probably be fixed with some rebellion, but I could be wrong. So what is your take on it?

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Bleak, if Spain is filled with a lot of people who think that “riots will fix things.” Very bleak, indeed.

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As a number of years ago they officially surrendered in the war on terror.

Terror- 1

Spain- 0

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Rioting will scare the visitors away. It would be better to devise ways of attracting winter visitors. You already have a good start with your climate. It is much with you in winter than here in the UK and there are lots of UK pensioners you could attract. As it is things look bad economically in the short to medium term and the way people are reacting seems likely to make things even worse. Good luck!

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@poisonedantidote What are your options for getting out of there? It sounds like things are not going to be good.

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The point is, if there is no money, there is no money. All the riots on earth will not create wealth required to back up the money needed to pay debt. And disorder at best diverts people from work and at worst damages property. Thus more wealth shortfall. Sounds like your associates may not be that smart. Maybe you can straighten them out.

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This sounds absurd to me. I doubt if people will riot. If you lose two-thirds of your income for a few months, I suspect people will find other ways to make up for it. Or they will just do with less.

Riotsers only hurt themselves. They don’t generate income and they hurt the chance to produce income. People may be angry, but it’s hard to see how this can seem sensible after the first blush of anger dissipates.

If I were you, I’d lay in a big stock of soda and whatnot. Rioters need to drink, don’t they? And snack food, too. They’ll need food for all their rioting.

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@Adirondackwannabe can soon leave if need be, be it boat or plain.

@wundayatta I think they will riot, I don’t think they will go without, they have already started stealing all the copper wire.

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Spain’s immediate future looks bleak indeed.

Do the islanders plan to make excursions to the mainland for their riots or are they planning on attacking their fellow islanders? Is there a bridge to protect or are boats the primary method of reaching the mainland? How did the islanders fare during the last civil war or the last round of uprisings? How has the make up of the locals changed in the intervening years? Are they also stockpiling foodstuffs, clothing and medicines? What about materials for repairs for when the spring comes and tourists want to come again?

How independent of the mainland can this island become to avoid being pulled into the woes developing on the mainland?

If you get out, where would you go that isn’t destabilizing? The woes of Greece have taken a backseat to the Syrian uprisings on the world news stage for US viewers, but those woes still exist. Does the island produce it’s own food? Does Spain?

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Spain is in better shape that what the media try to tell us. Portugal’s making progress and I don’t see why Spain should not. It will be tough, but not catastrophic.

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Check what happened in Argentina 10 years ago:

I think this is what will probably happen in Greece and Spain.

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Livable thanks to the state forced contributions of more responsible, mature and successful EU nations.

Remember a few years back when Spain made an official statement that they were conceding in the War On Terror? Well it’s because those selfish and lazy bastards are confident they can hide behind Germany and the UK’s skirt.

Terror. 1

Spain. 0

The nation would be worthless were it not for Salvador Dali and Ferran AdriĆ 

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