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If someone has visions where is a safe place to talk about them?

Asked by talljasperman (21739points) July 21st, 2012

Where can one who has visions be accepted by other people ?

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What do you mean by visions? Halucinations, prophisies, or a dream you want to fulfill?

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@Mr_Paradox Premonitions with unacceptable outcomes.

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Welcome to the club of premonitions. I get them to. I’m open to talk privatly if you want. just privatly message me.

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From within said vision.

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There are psychic forums you can try.

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Some therapists might be cool about talking about such stuff. I’m almost certain my former therapist would have been open to hearing about visions if I had had any recently.

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How about right here? You have me curious.

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Paschar litterally means Vision and it is for this very reason that I chose it and I have no issues with open chats all over the internet about respecting dreams / Visions .

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