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Anybody here own/use an Electronic Pressure Cooker ?

Asked by Buttonstc (27564points) July 21st, 2012 from iPhone

Care to share your experiences both positive and/or negative? Which make and model do you have? Would you recommend it to a friend?

I just found one at a bargain price and ordered it. Haven’t received it yet, but while searching for pressure cooker cookbooks, have found that all their recipes are written for standard stovetop cookers which evidently reach higher pressure (15 psi) and thus have totally different cooking times.

So where have you found recipes? Or have you found out a workable conversion percentage to translate standard recipes ?

I know that most come with a small selection of recipes published by the manufacturer and tested for use with their product. That will do fine initially, but I certainly don’t want to remain limited to that.

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I can share my friend’s experiences. She bought one of the really large and expensive stove top pressure canners because she cans a whack load of veggies. She found that the high temperatures overcooked the food and changed it so much that she didn’t like it. She stopped pressure canning and took up fermenting instead.

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