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If i open my own daycare?

Asked by ChristieLynn2006 (1points) June 1st, 2008

what do i need to be licensed in maine and i have 2 dogs would that be a problem?

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If you open the daycare at your house you would have to abide by many security laws. I believe you would need a license to open a daycare at your house, but like always, if it’s your business you must abide by all the state laws.

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I’ve done this professionally and with a great deal of education under my belt (not home day care, but helped set up pre-schools). The state agency should have a packet that walks you through the process, get the packet and go over it, but before you even start the formal process, may I suggest you check out the insurance aspect of it, as it may cut way too far into your profits than you might expect. People sue at the drop of a hat, and attorneys are expensive.

Other things to consider are your own qualifications to handle any situation that might arise. What education do you have in the area and are you willing to put in that much work and time. It’s a more than full time job, believe me.

Your own experience and age also come into play, as to whether parents will even trust you with their children. You either need a strong educational background or years of experience in the field before most people will trust you and you are able to handle situations.

As for the dog part of your question, that’s another wild card aspect of it. Even the sweetest dog can be unpredictable when strange, screaming children enter onto the scene. You also have to consider the health aspect of it, with dogs sharing the play area with a group of children. To put it bluntly, a child could seriously injure themselves while you are looking after the dogs and trying to keep the yard clean. Some children have allergies or fear of dogs as well.

A lot to consider, you must be on top of things 100% of the time, or someone will pay for it. It’s not an easy way to earn a living and when you tire of it, you can’t just close the door, as people are relying on you.

I suggest you first work in a place and get a feel for what is involved first.

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