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What happened to my car?

Asked by CelicaKnight (7points) July 22nd, 2012

I drive a 2002 Celica GT. A few weeks ago i noticed a slight flutter as i throttled the gas. I inspected the throttle body, and air intake flap, and could not find any hang-ups. Also plugged a OPD II sensor in and got no codes, misfires, etc. The car has been driving fine, other than a flutter. Even noticed better gas mileage….until today. It died on the freeway with a rumble, the oil level light came on; then the Check Engine light followed as the car shut down. Coasted to the shoulder and stopped, checked the oil level….again. and it was normal. It is due for an oil change…was going to do that tomorrow. plugged OPD back in, still no codes. Any ideas?

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Maybe the computer’s acting up.

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It also maybe the filter pump FILTER. It’s in the tank and has the gas gauge sender in the same unit.
I hear it a “bear” to get it all back in the tank without messing up the gas gauge float.

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“Flutter” like a vibrating whistle? If so I’d have to say it has something to do with your radiator tubes. Could be a crack in one of the tubes. I remember once I replaced my whole radiator grill and tubes the sound was gone.

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thanks…No not a whistle sound. more like blowing air past your lips. Someone also pointed out it may be an oil pressure loss, caused by a bad oil pump.

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I am not convinced that the fluttering sounds are related to your issue. Besides, I’ve had a similar sound from my ‘85 Corolla for almost three years.

I recall when my ‘89 Golf was a little overdue for an oil change, the oil pressure was acting up. It didn’t have a Check Engine light, but it had a separate warning for the oil pressure…. complete with buzzer. It quit roadside after launching a huge, white smokescreen. Now, my oil pressure was low due to bad (or rather, worn) oil that had thinned out to where it would not keep the oil pressure where it needed to be.

BTW, that light you have does not monitor oil level; it monitors oil pressure. If your oil is low enough to lose oil pressure (and make the light come on) then you should have added some oil two weeks ago.

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The coil in my Integra failed while I was driving >70 MPH. The fuel injection system did not know, so kept shooting fuel into the engine. No spark resulted in air/fuel mixture reaching the hot catalytic converter => pow! Cat was blown apart, car rolled to a stop. I could not restart because of no coil.

Intermittent coil could cause fluttering power output.

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