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How do you want to die?

Asked by Mr_Paradox (3036points) July 22nd, 2012

If you were going to die (not on death row) and could chose how (not at home dying in your sleep), how would you want to go?

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In my sleep, dreaming I’m flying like Superman in space heading towards a sea of a billion galaxies twinkling with their trillions of stars…

Oh, I just read the details…well then…getting shot in the head trying to save the US President’s life. With my eyeballs bouncing off and pieces of my brain splattering all over the live TV screen making everybody who were watching puke at the same time.

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Anything that made me lose consciousness suddenly. How about being hit by a meteorite. I might make the headlines.

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Floating in my hot tub cold tub on a magnificent late summer night under the stars.
Under the influence of a wee bit of the happy brownie relaxation.
Like last night, only I am not dead this morning.
Of course whomever finds me may not agree.

Maybe I should start wearing my bathing suit more. lol

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trailing clouds of glory…..

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Well….it is 10:03 here in the west woods and damn myself…now all I can think of is eggs benedict smothered in hollandaise sauce. I haven’t had eggs benedict on years. Gah…!!!

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In the midst of a great adventure.

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First of all… I don’t want to die, but…

I hope that when I die, I will be old, having no regrets and leaving behind my kids in a healthy state with a founded hope for a happy and prosperous future.

I hope that I will see my death coming and that I can experience as much of my death as possible, hopefully without much pain.

I hope that when I die, I will do it while doing something sensible and maybe even in a way someone may benefit from it.

I am not a hero, but I am a registered donor.

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Suffocation in a pussy whilst flicking her bean with my tongue…....ahhhhhh bisto!!

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I have to die in battle, so I can to Valhalla.

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@ucme that would qualify…. :-)

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@whitenoise Might as well go from whence I arrived, pretty neat move methinks.

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I just want to go without knowing it’s going to happen.

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I don’t know, @ucme, that sounds kind of Oedipal. Edit: I knew there was a better adjective.

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@CWOTUS It’s all greek to me.

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In my sleep after vigorous sex with 18 year old twins at the age of 150.

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@Lightlyseared That sounds really good. Cumming and going at the same time.

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Like Ann Boleyn. She was looking out at the crowd before kneeling down to put her head on the chopping block, with a little smile on her face, and the swordsman swung through her neck before she knew it while she was standing there.

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Fall asleep under a willow tree by a river in the countryside!

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@susanc: But didn’t she have to make sure that someone tipped the axman enough to ensure just one chop? I think that there was a system of bribes in place.

(So nice to see you back here.)

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@gailcalled: Well, I saw this in a tv series called THE TUDORS,
so I know it really happened : ) – and I don’t know about Ann, but in another execution when a heretic was being burned at the stake, a friend fastened a large bag of gunpowder around her neck right before they lit the firewood, and pretty soon, whammo, her head exploded so that she wouldn’t have to, you know, suffer. So yeah, maybe a bribe. Yep.

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Hi there @susanc !

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I once read that after decapitation there’s enough oxygen in the blood in your brain to remain conscious for up to eight seconds more. I think I’ll pass on that.

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As Woody Allen said I would like to be somewhere else when it happens.

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Anne Boleyn was terrified of an incompetent axeman messing up her beheading and so she (or someone) paid for a French swordsman to do the deed quickly.

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Hmmm in my sleep…or anything that will take my life in a zap. Slow painful deaths are awful…

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I want to die in a skydiving accident. At least I could have fun before my untimely death!!!!

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Frozen in carbonite while on my 4th trek to the center of Uranus.

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In the process of doing good.

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Quickly. A young man was killed in a shark attack the other week and while that is not my preferred method of death, I was thinking at least it would be damn fast. Terrifying but you wouldn’t have to wait long for the end! I would hate to have a long, drawn out or painful death. So, if I can’t just fall asleep and not wake up – something very quick and unexpected.

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Quick and painless, but knowing I am going to die.

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I’d like to die dramatically, hopefully saving the world.

You know, in a spandex suit, of course. Lasso of truth, anyone?

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If I can’t die quietly in my sleep I’d like to be shot in the back of the head at close range when I’m totally not aware of it.

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With adrenaline flowing, with labored breathing, with no thoughts of the past, no thoughts of the future. I want to die living.

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Freeze to death.

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Well since you’ve already eliminated me choosing the option that I would had picked, I’ll go with anything where I would lose my consciousness in a quick and painless way. Maybe I would prefer something like carbon monoxide poisoning or a severe stroke. I have no interest in a grand finale.

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