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How do I get access to my phone's instruction manual?

Asked by susanc (16134points) July 22nd, 2012

PanTech Ease, designed for the gadget-challenged. I like it a lot because it has a nice qwerty keyboard for texting. But I can’t figure out how to download photos except by emailing them to myself one at a time, too slow. Manual is on a disc that won’t download. Stumped.

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Here you go. (I’ve had to look up many manuals I’ve lost over the years. I just google ”<whatever the product name is> manual”, and it usually finds it for me.)

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Wow, it worked!!! thanks augie!

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There is also a great site called Retrevo which has manuals for just about anything you could ever need. It also gives you the choice of reading it there or downloading if you just need one little part of it.

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