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Winzip 8.1 isn't working for me. Why not?

Asked by guywithanaccountnow (313points) July 22nd, 2012

When I download a program as a zip file and unzip/extract, all it appears as is a folder with other folders inside it. These folders are either inaccessible or just full of a bunch of text that I can’t do anything with.
I’m using Windows XP, if that helps anyone. Any ideas on what the problem is?

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What was in the Zip ? If it is a Word document, you’ll need the Word application on your computer. Also if the Word document was saved with a recent version of Word, you may not be able to open it. There is a Word “reader” for XP, it can only read the document.

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Download and use 7z. Winzip has gone way downhill (and gotten more expensive).

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Sounds like the zip file is either corrupt or not a .ZIP, at least not a version compatible with WinZip 8.1

I second downloading 7-Zip and seeing if that clears things up.

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Who the hell uses Winzip? It’s a software SO old that it probably won’t work anywhere above Windows 2000 or something. Use 7zip, peazip, or if you really enjoy paying money for something you can get for free, use WinRar.

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