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When did the biological process of pregnancy change?

Asked by josie (27503points) July 22nd, 2012

Imagine a girl named Mary, a 21st century female who becomes pregnant. She claims that she is a virgin, that her pregnancy is some sort of abberation, a unique departure from the laws of nature.
I suspect that she would be regarded at best as one who evades the truth, at worst as psychotic.
On the other hand, an entire institution which wields enormous influence over the Western world, holds as a basis for its existence this very story. And it is accepted without question.
Why is that?

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Basically, it is because many people do not think for themselves & accept the stories that they are told by the people who want to control them.

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@josie I always wondered about that one too. I always figured it was a grudge pregnancy. Someone had it in for him and he didn’t know it.

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Well, “with cthulhu god, everything is possible.”
The preggers virgin story is not even the worst of their myths in terms of plausibility.
It is religion, you are to supposed to believe it without question.

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Well, it helped that her story was supported by her sons ability to raise the dead, heal the sick, and turn water into wine.

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Faith Lack of critical thinking.

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God only knows.

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Late in the twentieth century, it became possible to impregnate women without them having sex. No. I lie. This was possible much earlier on. As long as turkey basters have been around, really. And even before that, it is theoretically possible to get pregnant simply by being exposed to cum on the outside of the vulva. A guy doesn’t need to ejaculate inside a woman.

So I would say it’s probably not that much of a miracle. I’m not sure how much God knew about in vitro fertilization, or whether he had the capability for pulling that trick off, but then God tends to run around unseen, so it probably doesn’t matter how much he knew at the time.

But whether it really was a “virgin” birth (as in no penetration), or not, it doesn’t really matter. That’s the story. People believe the story. Literal truth is immaterial, except to pedants like most atheists.

There’s science and there’s religion. The two don’t mix well. Religious stories are not meant to be taken literally.

Those bozos who call themselves biblical literalists are mentally defective. They need the impossible to be real for obscure psychological reasons having to do with their comfort with life. They don’t actually, for the most part, live their lives as if the Bible was the literal truth. They can’t. The world doesn’t work that way. But they do tell themselves the story that they are living biblical literalism. That’s good enough for them.

There’s no percentage in challenging someone who believes in the literal truth of the Bible with science. What these people need is another way to comfort themselves. They need to learn new coping mechanisms. Only then could they let go of the Bible and start accepting that there are more effective ways of understanding the world. But as long as fundamentalism works for them, they won’t change, because the issue is not about truth and reality. It’s about psychological comfort and belonging to a group. Those things are far more important than truth and reality, and rightly so, for most people.

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Why not believe in miracles. No one can still prove the Big Bang theory and yet I believe it possible. Years from now are people going to look back and see us as believing in science fiction because they have a new theory? No one can even explain how or why the universe was made. What or who caused it to happen. What caused all the perfect conditions for us to exist. Wow, believing in that seems as if we believe in miracles.
Wikipedia definition of miracle.

A miracle often denotes an event attributed to divine intervention. Alternatively, it may be an event attributed to a miracle worker, saint, or religious leader. A miracle is sometimes thought of as a perceptible interruption of the laws of nature. Others suggest that God may work with the laws of nature to perform what people see as miracles.[1] Theologians say that, with divine providence, God regularly works through created nature yet is free to work without, above, or against it as well.[2]

In casual usage, “miracle” is seen as any event that is statistically unlikely but beneficial, (such as surviving a natural disaster), or simply a “wonderful” occurrence, regardless of likelihood, such as a birth.
Other miracles might be: survival of a terminal illness, escaping a life threatening situation or ‘beating the odds’. Some coincidences may be seen as miracles.[3]

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We believe it because the results pan out, is all. If it makes you feel any better, nobody at the time bought Mary’s story but Joseph, and that’s because he got a memo about it.

I would like to know what kind of all-powerful God couldn’t swing a virgin birth.

@wundayatta You seem to have this funny idea that faith is naught but a crutch. Very curious how you know so much about the insides of so many peoples’ heads.

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When man’s fertile imaginings began filling the void of unanswerable existential questions.

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It’s just part of the magical faith we’re supposed to accept without question. Or perhaps this was an example of pregnancy by spilled sperm that found it’s way without penetration. Girls are warned about that. Doesn’t happen often, but it could.

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Mary : “Oh Joseph darling, I have something wonderful to tell you.”
Joe : “Can’t you see i’m busy dear, these donkeys won’t clean up their own turds you know.”
Mary : “Joseph, you put down that shovel this instant & bloody well listen!!”
Joe : “Ooh-hoo-ooh-hoo-ooh, get her….okay, i’m all ears, oh light of my life.”
Mary : “I’m pregnant snookums, b..b..bu..but you’re not the father sweetie.”
Joe :
Mary : “Joe, speak to me please…...... Joe!”
Joe : !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Mary : “Yeah, i’ll get my coat.”

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@Nullo You call it a crutch, not I. I think it serves a useful purpose, but it’s not the only way to accomplish that goal. And it’s not at all surprising that I have a lot of theories about what goes on inside people’s heads. I’ve been thinking about it and studying it most of my life.

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I happened to be browsing another discussion site today and came upon a two-sentence dismissal of a lot of religion (not that we’ve never done that here), which seems apropos to this discussion:

Teach people science and math, and they’ll be able to figure out the rest. God is the explanation when you lack a better one.

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It seems an Egyptian God named Horus predated Jesus’ divine birth. If his wasn’t the first story to exist and believed upon, then whichever God did that changed the biological process of pregnancy as we know it today.

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