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What can be done to a "smartphone" to prevent butt dialing?

Asked by jca (35976points) July 23rd, 2012

A friend of mine has a smart phone that “butt dials” constantly. It’s very annoying to answer my phone and it’s his phone with him clueless on the other end.

What can be done or what settings should be set on a smart phone to prevent it from butt dialing?

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Just use the lock screen if it has one.

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I recently got a new smartphone, and I have it set where it stays locked unless I unlock it. I’ve never butt dialed or purse dialed anyone with it.

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Setting a password for the lock screen makes it pretty much impossible for the phone to unlock itself.

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that is what I did also, it works great

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I do use screen locking and I have still butt dialed. There is a small window of opportunity where the phone can dial before it goes to sleep. Even fifteen seconds is enough. You can manually lock the phone to avoid that problem, and it is a habit you can can teach yourself, but I seriously doubt y ou can eliminate all butt dialing.

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Carrying the phone in a shirt pocket works pretty good.

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@majorrich I guess that depends on how tight the shirt is, and how you’re built. I once had to carry my previous phone in my bra, and I boob dialed my best friend. :D

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Which type of smartphone are we talking about?

I have an iPhone and I’ve never butt dialed or boob dialed. In order to dial you have to slide to unlock and no other parts of my body contain sliding fingers except my hand :).


LOL. Thanks for the new phrase. You’ve introduced the world to boob dialing. Love it !

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is it a blackberry? Then nothing they are notorious butt dialers.

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@WillWorkForChocolate most excellent! Boobdialing! I wear a lot of Hawaiian shirts and they all have huge pockets. I did lose a phone to the neighbors lab though. He chewed the bejeebers out of my new phone. My newest phone would be impossible to butt, boob and darned near finger dial anyone due to the number of swishes and icons to navigate through.

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@majorrich My boss does that, but he “nip” dials as I like to call it. Slides the phone into his front pocket over his nipple and re-dials the office all the time.

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