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What are some really cool interesting websites that you visit that people may not know about?

Asked by Adina1968 (2752points) June 1st, 2008

Not including Fluther of course. :-)

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My favourite journals:

Shameless self-whoring: (I get to do it too, right? Redesign on the way… that site is old now. :)

wizard's avatar As much new music as you can take! A live chatroom created for iPhone users to chat about anything they want.

dallas44's avatar, its a site where you can customize your iPhone or many electronics items you own such as a playstation, Wii, sidekick, blackberry, ect. You can even purchase the item directly from the Internet. When the new iphone comes out depending on its performance, I might go through this site to order it and customize it. In sure many of you are familiar with this site. Sometimes I go on just for fun to see what my phone would look like with my preference of color schemes

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@dallas, dead link.

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oops sorry. http://Http:// , that should be it I believe

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kind of a british slant on news of the weird, but surprisingly informative.

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There is another one that’s really cool, its a dream inturperter at

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It’s not something I visit regularly, but I found it very interesting at the time:

I’m glad it’s still active, three years down the line. Hasn’t been updated for ages though.

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Its for the iPhone or itouch
its a messenger app. Like MSN, aim, etc…...

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@mirza: You don’t like dogs? What happened? Also, Adobe Kuler is one of my favourite things in the world.

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@richard: dogs dont like me. I have been chased way too many times by those four-legged beings.

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@thehaight : grouphug is awesome, many of hours passed on that site. Lol.

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I use this one for fun. It’s for a great cause, plus it’s a good vocab brush-up.

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I like going to The Hunger Site every day. You click a button and a cup of food gets donated to people who are hungry by the site’s sponsors.

In case you’re wondering like I was, I just went to Snopes to make sure the money actually gets donated. Apparently, it’s not a hoax.

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@trustinglife; thanks for that website! I just bookmarked it. Its amazing. :)

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@spendywatson: thanks! I’m up to level 44.
vocab to donate rice

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No problem. :) Nothing like a vocabulary game that feeds the hungry!

@trustinglife – thanks for the link, another great one!

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@ trustinglife – my mother started me and my brother on when we were about 7 (well…he was 10). since then, we have had it as a home page on our computers. to whoever is new to that site: one you click for free food there, make sure you go to the supporting sites (literacy and breast cancer) and click for a free mammogram and book to be handed out too!

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first time i went on that site i think i lost 3 hours of my life.

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