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Why do little kids throw up so much, but adults hardly ever do?

Asked by buckyboy28 (4938points) July 24th, 2012

I’m talking about random vomiting. Not from drinking too much or purging.

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I would assume it is because adults know what makes their stumach upset, and dont eat random things… like Marbles.

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Adults have more control of the muscles. Adults can hold back in dire situations. At the very least, they can hold it until they reach an acceptable place to barf. But sometimes they can totally hold it in until the feeling goes away. Little kids have no control at all – something that made kindergarteners especially scary for me when they came into my classroom.

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@keobooks Ah, makes a lot of sense. Thanks!

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Little kids are more sensitive, their stomachs are more sensitive. I think a lifetime of eating stuff that’s got mold, bacteria, etc. makes adults’ stomachs tougher.

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I think it is a combination of the sensitivity of their developing system and the control. One other observation: Ever notice they usually don’t change expressions before, during, or after? Friday my nephew soaked my aunts slacks and filled one of her shoes. And he never batted an eye. I was sitting across the table from him and he was facing me, and he never changed expressions at all.

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Oh I thought of another thing. Adults have enough experience to know when they start to feel sick to their stomachs. They can make a getaway or stay home when they feel sick. Little kids don’t know what that sick feeling is. They frequently ignore it. I’ve seen preschoolers laughing their heads off and then vomit out of nowhere with no clue or warning of what was going to happen.

I am not looking forward to that aspect of parenthood. Luckily my daughter was not a spit-up baby and the only time she’s vomited is when she ate something she shouldn’t have one time.

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Disclaimer: I am not trained in the medical field, nor am I a parent. I have been a child, have eight nieces and nephews and babysat a lot.

* Young children’s digestive systems are still developing.
* No one knows what food allergies the child might have until they display signs and are tested.
* A young child might be experiencing any number of medical problems, including ear, bladder, intestinal infections, and the parents are none the wiser until symptoms show up.
* It could be a reaction to medication.
* Some are prone to car (motion) sickness.
* Young children are prone to put things in their mouths that they shouldn’t. They also tend to eat with their hands. They also drop food, pick it up and eat it.

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They also tend to eat more boogers, paste and bugs (well, maybe not more than Andrew Zimmern) than adults do, they often “forget” to wash their hands (been having this problem with my 6 year old nephew lately) and they eat stuff off of the floor.

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Once when I was a kid I ate like 100 grapes then barfed all over the Mass Pike. I never understood that at the time.

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Basically for the same reasons that they need toilet training. And some kids still end bedwetting for awhile. The fine muscle. and motor control takes a while to develop in kids. Some kids longer than others.

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