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What would cause a rapid dripping of water under an auto other than condensation on the A/C unit and why does God mess with us when we do good deeds?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36683points) July 24th, 2012

I left a store tonight and there is some liquid rapidly dripping from the engine area of a car a few parking spots over. It’s formed a pool about 12 inches across. I can’t tell what it is for sure from my distance, but if it’s anything important they are going to be in big trouble. I point it out to my s/o, and she thinks it’s way too fast to be minor as well. I stop by the car and ask them if they have the A/C on and let them know there is something pooling underneath their car. And of course, Daisy Duke steps out of the car, in tiny cutoff shorts and a small tank top and she is built. I point out the leak, and tell her just to look when she leaves to see what the fluid is. And she says she would have no idea what it is. I had her back up, and it was just water. No coolant, no oil, nothing but water. It was about 85, not overly humid. Would the A/C produce that much condensation? Feel free to address either part of this and as always, humor greatly appreciated.

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On a humid day, that AC unit can develop and drip a hell of a lot of condensation. A 12” pool isn’t so much, really.

What do you mean ‘mess with’? It sounds like your goodness was rewarded… somewhat.

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@CWOTUS I wanted to be so bad, and check her out when she’s dressed like that, but that’s dissing her and my s/o.

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Daisy Duke !

A/C will drop a lot of moisture from condensation.

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@Tropical_Willie Thanks that was dropping a lot of water and I’ve been wracking my brain to make sure I didn’t miss anything. There wasn’t anything in the water. I felt it with my fingers.

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yupper doodles

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There is significant amounts of details that are missing that would help in providing a better answer.
What kind and color of shoes did she wear?
Did she have a satisfied look on her face as she opened the door and got out?
How did you determine it was just water? By taste, smell, or some other more scientific approach?
Was the air temp 85 or was it the water temp or her temp?
Could it have possibly been drool?
How did the dialogue end?

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@blueiiznh I don’t know if she had shoes on, I didn’t want to look at her legs. She didn’t dress for me, she dressed for her s/o. She was the sweetest person ever, she was so glad I pointed that out. I rubbed my fingers in the liquid. It was water. She was so thankful and told us to have a great day. And your payback will come some day.:)

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@Adirondackwannabe I even feel warm and fuzzy about your good deed.

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@blueiiznh That’s not going to offset your payback.

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Maybe you should check the craigslist “missed connections” for that day?

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Oh that’s funny. I love that.

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I must be having a dirty mind night. I was speed reading through the comments, and all I saw was, “Daisy Duke dripping I felt it with my fingers.” That’ll teach me to speed read.

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damned Evelyn Wood speed reading will get you everytime!

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(Closes eyes)
I did not just read that comment mom.

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