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what is a good drawing program to be used with a tablet pc?

Asked by neonez (389points) June 29th, 2007

Photoshop is a bit expensive not to mention complicated and doesn't have enough features.

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I use macromedia- er.... Adobe Fireworks, however I've used it for years, I'm not sure what the learning curve is like now. (It used to be macromedia and then adobe went and bought it)

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gimp is a pretty extensive open-source and free image editor, and if you don't like all the different windows, you can get gimpshop which (apparently) clumps all the windows into one so that it only shows as one window on the task bar, all the original "panels" from gimp float around inside the gimpshop window as little ... well, pallets, I guess

I have a tablet pc myself, but i never really draw anything, I mostly use it for certain games where mouse placement is really important.

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I may be too late on this one, but there's a program called SketchBook Pro, made to be used with a tablet pc. It's got some nice controls and is made to be used with just a tablet, with no need for a keyboard. It's at least worth checking out the demo and it's also about a third the price of Photoshop.

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Thanks! I’ve been ArtRage which is good (and cheap) but I’m not much of a painter. Its a bit too realistic for me :D

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