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What's your opinion on Moustaches?

Asked by charcoalwasp (101points) July 25th, 2012

Personally I don’t like them at all. Its not a fear as such, but I would happily cross the street if it meant avoiding a moustache, Im not too sure why, I just feel oddly uncomfortable around anyone with one. Like my Aunt who has a fear of snakes, and can hardly enter a zoo just because of the thought that there might be one around.
Beard and Moustache combos are all right, infact I like them.
But Moustaches on their own, no matter what style, they actually make me shiver.

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My husband did not shave for many years, and I found it quite appealing.

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I love to ride them.

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My husband had one for years. I loved him and he loved his moustache. He shaved it off for our wedding and hasn’t grown it back. I prefer how he looks without it.

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Well, you will never enjoy the company of my wionderful husband who is smart and witty and sweet. Because he wears a mustache.

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I have no use for any type of facial hair.

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They used to be considered sexy, Burt Reynolds/Tom Selleck/Nancy Reagan.
Wearing one now just makes a bloke look like an extra on a seventies porn shoot.

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I think mustaches look fine on older gents, but I’d freak out if I saw a 25 year old kid with a handlebar or fu manchu.

I also like the mustache and beard combo, even on my boyfriend (we’re 23). He usually keeps a goatee, but likes to participate in No Shave November.

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It’s identity for some. Don’t agree? Recognize him?

Want to see weird mustaches?

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They suck.

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I agree with @ucme . When I see them, I think of my pictures of my parents from the 70s. They were not porn stars however.

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You had bad experiences in the seventies and eighties. Perhaps you were attacked by clones.

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@josie You said parents…....your mother wore one too? ;¬}

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They only look good on older men.

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Some older guys look weird without a mustache.

My dad, for example, has had a mustache since he was in his 20’s back in the 70’s. I never knew him without a mustache until one morning when I woke up and saw some stranger in my dad’s bathrobe… then I realized it wasn’t a stranger. It was my dad!

It turns out that he messed up his mustache while shaving and ended up just shaving the whole thing off. He looked like he had a fat upper lip. I couldn’t look at him with a straight face until it grew back. My mom was totally disgusted, too.

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Sometimes men with an overbite look better with them.

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A moustache looks ok if you have a beard as well. On its own, it tends to make you look like a 1970’s porn star.

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@Kardamom they all make me a tad shivery, except for the Jonny Depp one, I can just about tolerate that…

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I don’t like seeing them up close.

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I’m OK with moustaches on other people. I don’t have one because it feels like steel wool growing out of my lip.

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Depends, who are you talking about?

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@Kardamom If I ever go on a diet, that’s the photo im strapping to all the unhealthy food.

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I’m ready for my moustache ride!

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Consider this : Chaetophobia is the clinical name for fear of hair .

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I thought it was yulbrynnerophobia.

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all Iknow is that tripledecaphobia is the fear of the number 13

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And coprophobia is fear of the number 2.

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