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What are some of the things you've seen in a movie that you think is cool?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25917points) July 25th, 2012

Cool as in delightful, hip, classy, humorous and even inspiring. It could be a scene, something a character did maybe-? A costume, a set design, lighting-?

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In the movie Tombstone, when a drunk Doc Holliday and Johnny Ringo threaten each other in Latin. Especially when Doc Holliday says In pace requiescat It literally means Rest in Peace, but in the context of their conversation it probably means “Ok. It’s your funeral” Very cool. Very sinister in contrast with Doc Holliday’s almost clownish drunkeness. Great scene.

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@josie Yeah, that’s what I’m talkin about! It’s a smart build up to their duel to the death in the end of the movie. Reminds me somewhat of Crazy Mel’s scene in Braveheart where he suddenly spoke back in Latin to the French Queen’s insulting aide.

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The scene in the air vent in Boondock Saints when they get into a fight and fall through the ceiling; suspending my disbelief while twirling and shooting. Actually, many scenes through that entire movie.

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The perennial Wizard of Oz when everything turns from black and white Kansas to technicolor Oz. Simple effect, but always effective. Same in Portrait of Dorian Grey and I’m sure there are many others like that.

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The Binary Sunset scene from Star Wars episode IV where Luke walks out of his house and the 2 suns are in the background and the wind is blowing through his gorgeous hair and the music is swelling. You know that profound changes have already occurred. I love that scene!

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@Kardamom That’s not only cool, that’s uber-cool! After seeing that “elegant” Lightsaber weapon, I would go in any kind of adventure just so I could play with it. Btw, I have this in my place on display. : )

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In the movie The Matrix, I was fascinated when I realized that they were, basically, altering their computer character’s stats to gain super powers. This was what my brother did to his character in his (Commodore 64) Dragon’s Lair game.

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Haha, Hunger Games. That arena was cool as hell. (: I definitely want to try it out or go to the Capital. :D

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I liked the scene in Blade Runner when Deckard first met Rachel.

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I was highly impressed with Gregory Peck’s performance as attorney Atticus Finch in the movie “To Kill A Mockingbird”. Specifically in how he steadfastly represented an African-American in court, amidst a climate of hatred and prejudice against African-Americans in that era, and sitting out front of the jail house with a shotgun, all by himself, to protect his client against a very large lynch mob. Very brave and inspiring.

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The scene in The Matrix Reloaded where Neo stops all the bullets in mid-air.

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