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Are there any resources that you can recommend for me to learn LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL Perl/Python/PHP?

Asked by jcs007 (1765points) June 1st, 2008

Online would be great. But if there are any great books out there, that would be great too.

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I’m not educated in this type of stuff, but I did a little research and got these.

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Setting up Linux and Apache is fairly easy, it’s when you get into learning your programming language of choice – I’m assuming you haven’t already – and diving into database optimisation and scaling that things become a bit harder.

Good luck.

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The PHP website is a good PHP reference.
The Python website is a good Python reference.
The ubuntu forums are pretty friendly towards new linux users.

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If you’re looking on just how to setup a dedicated LAMP server then there’s an Ubuntu server edition, although this may not be great if you don’t want to use Ubuntu (I use ubuntu server, top notch stuff) but if you want to learn trawl through the documentation of your chosen linux distro (if you’re using a distro based on say either Red Hat or Debian then you can visit other related forums, for instance there are many crosses between Debian/Ubuntu so you can visit both of those forums)

You can also check out chatrooms, especially the freenode network (Freenode) which has some fantastic rooms like #linux, #apache, #php and the like. Over time I’ve picked up a lot from a chatroom I frequent in, but I also have a number of linux books which are quite hefty. For publishers check out Wiley and O’Reily.

LAMP is a world full of open source software and the community is just as great. Be sure to check out all the links above which may prove to be very helpful :)

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Start using a Linux distribution first, local development is way easier :)

If you’re using Linux installing Apache, MySQL and PHP is a snap, so that shouldn’t be a problem either.

Then the PHP website is an excellent reference, but to get started the Tizag PHP tutorial is excellent. Do move on immediately, though, because it’s quite outdated and most beginner tutorials teach bad practices. You might also like their MySQL tutorial though.

What I found to be the best boost for my development skills was to use a PHP framework. It teaches best practises, mostly has excellent documentation and in general makes your life a lot easier. Also, they often contain special database classes that allow you to interact with a database (such as MySQL) using PHP, so you don’t even really need to learn SQL yet. Plus, you can easily switch database management systems, if you would want to.

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