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On your resume is it wrong to adjust your title to fit the role that you want?

Asked by mrlaconic (3985points) July 25th, 2012

I am not changing anything else. The Accomplishments, duties and responsibilities that I put write down are all mine. But I think I am getting over looked for the job roles that I want because even though I am already performing the tasks for the roles I want my current job title doesn’t reflect what I am actually doing.

For example I would like to move into management. I currently am and have been performing the tasks of that role… but my title isn’t manager.

If it’s not right, how do you get your self noticed so that you can climb up?

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Lying on CV is an incredibly bad idea no matter how small the lie may seem. Companies have fired CEO’s for that.

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I would reorganize my resume so job titles don’t matter. I use skills resumes, which highlight my skills up top, and only give job titles at some later point.

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You shouldn’t adjust your title, only your objective. The objective in your resume should always be changed to fit the role of the position for which you are applying.

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Do not change your title. Just use the key words in the Job Description.

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I had a job as a “contact specialist” once. I list it on my resume as “receptionist” or “customer service” because that is what the role was. “Contact specialist” was company lingo and most people looking at my resume would have to do more than skim (which they don’t often do) to know wth a contact specialist is. I basically consider that using a more familiar synonym. Now, if I said I was “Lead contact specialist” I would be trying to misleadingly enhance my resume to look more appealing and I think that goes over the line.

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I guess, put your name in the title or just the word “Resume”.
And, put the role(s) you want in objectives.
You may want to refer to or use this professional resume template.
Edit: Sorry, @andreaxjean have just said so

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