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Is this normal for a girl to act this way?

Asked by JHUstudent (692points) July 25th, 2012

My girlfriend and I have only been together for about a month, and it’s been great so far. Nothing transcendentally lovey-dovey about it, but we have a great time together (no bias).

She went to Country Thunder (a big music festival) this last weekend and took a bunch of pictures. When she tried to upload them on her computer from her memory card, she apparently lost all of them. I guess she was really excited about all her pictures and she had a mini-meltdown. She immediately stopped being in a good mood and said via text “I’ll just ttyl when I’m in a better mood.”

….Does this seem weird to anyone else or am I just missing something?

PS – For context, I’m 23 and she’s 22.

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That seems quite normal. Just give her some time, we all react differently to certain situations and I’m sure it’s not just a girl thing (I’ve seen plenty of guys throw mini to big tantrums when something didn’t go their way). She’ll come around once she’s had some time to get over it.

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Figured it was normal. Just never seen it when it comes to pictures.

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Normal. She was probably just upset about the pictures. It’s easy to be set off, ESPECIALLY if it was PMS. Just give her some time. She’ll be fine.

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Normal. Don’t worry about it…
Everyone deals with stuff differently, that’s all.

Try and give her space, and be there for her when she’s ready to talk.

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Understandable. There are programmes that recover data from memory cards. Might be worth a shot.

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Normal. Girls do that.

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It’s completely normal, a bit over-reacting, but normal. I have had a melt-down because a Thanksgiving meal wasn’t perfect; but that was when I was still relatively young. I wouldn’t do that now. I’d be upset, but I’d hide it, make a joke of it or drink way too much.

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She probably took some great pictures and when she lost them it was a really big bummer. I love taking photos and often photograph family events. I would be really bummed if I lost them, because I often take 300 pictures at a time and you can’t re-do an event. She probably is thinking that she wasted a lot of time and effort, not to mention the memories, especially if she got some shots of some singers she really admires. No biggie for her to be upset and good on her for not wanting to talk to you while she was in a bad mood.

If she had a mini-meltdown after spilling a glass of soda or having her doggy tinkle on the rug, then I think that would be a bit much. Those are not events they’re just minor inconveniences that didn’t happen on purpose.

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It’s a thing, not a girl thing.

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It is frustrating and at 22, may seem the end of the world. She does need to put things into perspective. Annoying to have lost the memories but she could have been in a movie theater in Aurora.

OTOH, she was aware that she needed to find her equilibrium before contacting you again. That is reasonable behavior.

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That seems like fairly normal behaviour for a ‘person’ not just a female. Don’t you sometimes feel out of sorts and not want to interact with other people? Perhaps she was in a cranky mood with herself after losing her photos and didn’t want to inflict that on you. Human feeling not ‘girl’ feeling.

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I’ve often felt like that after having written a “brilliant” (LOL) long answer on Fluther, only to accidentally push the red X button on my window, instead of the minimize button right next to it : (

grumble, that only used up an hour and a half of my time, grumble

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Some people just make everything into “drama”. Be on the lookout.

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What exactly is it that you think might be abnormal? She didn’t inflict her temper on you, and she let you know why she was going quiet for a while so you wouldn’t worry about her. Seems pretty reasonable to me – how do you usually deal with disappointment?

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@Kardamom expliained it perfectly. I would be the same way so I may not be the best judge! Pictures mean a lot to me because they are the only way you have of reliving good memories. It’s documentation and it’s sentimental. It’s a way of holding onto an expereince. Like @Kardamom says, the moment will never happen again. It can be crushing to lose photos. I respect her for probably knowing that she was overreacting a bit and telling you that she’d get back to you when she regained her equilibrium. Sometimes you just need to work through the emotional fallout of a disappointment before you’re fit company.

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Normal. Doesn’t mean you have to like it though.

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Some people just express their strong negative emotions in the form of a “minimeltdown”. As long as she doesn’t take it out on you (which she didn’t), it’s fine. I’m glad she had the sense to say “I’ll talk to you later when I feel better.” good on her part. Wish more people did that.

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Normal now.

In ten years? Not.

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With women Normal has yet to be established…

Just kidding
No, really just kidding…

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I know plenty of people—both male and female—who act this way. It’s normal.

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Acknowledging the need to be on one’s own with one’s own frustration seems more healthy than spreading the frustration and accompanying bad temper to others, whether it is normal I have no idea what is normal??? but I imagine it is very typical behaviour, however if you are someone who likes to fix everything you might find the behaviour difficult to deal with.

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I would actually take that as a very good sign for her relationship potential. She has control over her anger, is open and honest about it, and didn’t take it out on you.. Being around her age and constantly surrounded by misbehaving college students, I would say it is an incredibly good reaction. Feel lucky.

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