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How do I fix this..if I even can?

Asked by coastiegirl96 (630points) July 25th, 2012

So. That guy I was talking about a few months ago, we broke up. And we were best friends, and we both have amazing relationships. Anyway. So Monday night, I was in a… certain state of mind. And, in this state of mind I went off on his girlfriend. Because he knew I was in this state, and was helping me get through the puking your guts out stage. All of a sudden, I get a text from his girlfriend.
“Hey, I know you’re ___ing and if you don’t stop I’ll call the police and your parents. I know it’s bitchy, but please stop.”
And I don’t know why I was so mad. But my ex protected me and she said she didn’t find him attractive right now and maybe they should break up.
Then, I finally responded in a venting way, never meant for her to see it. I was just doing that thing where you go off to feel better. But, somehow it did. (I don’t remember this. I woke up with the texts and my friend reminding me.)
“Ok. I’ll make you a deal. I’ll stop ___ing when you stop f***ing my ex. Not to be mean or anything, but I’ll tell your church.”
And then all of a sudden I get an angry text from my ex.
“Oh and what the f***? You’ll stop ___ing when she stops f***ing me?”
And in the texts I apologize like crazy.
But the last text from him says:
“Doesn’t matter if you were joking or venting. It was completely unneccessary. I’m not talking to you for awhile now. And to think I was just f***ing protecting you! I’m done. And you don’t need to get me anything from warped tour. Goodnight paige.”

… Now I need to know.. what the hell can I do to fix this? Can I fix it? And I’m not ___ing again. It was so stupid. But I need help you guys. Please.

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