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What should I do when my Vista says my copy of Windows is invalid and not genuine?

Asked by NFBisms (2points) July 25th, 2012

I have a Windows Vista computer, I’ve had it for five years now but one day my Control Panel refused to load up, and soon everything else stopped loading up. I just had a computer where nothing I pressed worked. I rebooted my computer and the next time it was on, it said the product key I typed in was invalid. The bottom right said “This copy of windows in not genuine.” I tried rebooting the computer again after hoping to see the “Start Windows normally” or the safe mode. As soon as accessed normal or safe, it always brought me back to the same window that told me everything was invalid. In the window, I was presented with 3 options, access with reduced functioning, type product key, or ask Dell. (weird because I don’t have Dell) I kept getting that every time I tried turning on my computer. I ended up trying to ask Dell since reduced functionality refused to work and I no longer have my product key. I was presented with an option to ask Dell online and my Google Chrome popped up. All of my favorites and extensions were still there, my history and cookies, too, so why was my computer acting like I had never used it?

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Virus, I’d say you could run something like malwarebytes and super anti spyware, but best bet would be to wipe the hard drive and reinstall. You could try and save stuff, but make sure you have a good antivirus like avast before you put them back so you can scan them first.

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Can you use the repair option on your recovery discs, if you still have those? This might solve the problem. Otherwise, you may have to completely reinstall the OS.

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If you can’t get the computer to let you access your files (should you go for the wipe-and-reinstall option) you could get an Ubuntu Live CD and access the filesystem that way, and copy your files to an external drive.

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Well, if your Windows copy is indeed genuine, simply contact Microsoft and they’ll help you resolve the issue. If not, well, helping with illegal stuff isn’t a thing I do.

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You have downloaded a malware from an unfriendly and untrusted site.

You can try to restore back to a couple of days ago or before you downloaded the malware. If that does not work, Disable your System Restore for the time being since chances are the malware is already in a systeme restore instance anyways.

If still and issue do this:
Restart with Safe Mode and run MalwareBytes app,. If you don’t have it, download it, install it and update it, then run it.

You can also try Spybot Search & Destroy.

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