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How can I fix this gmail sync problem with my phone?

Asked by TexasDude (25249points) July 25th, 2012

I had an HTC Desire for a while and it stopped syncing with my gmail out of the blue one day. I tried clearing the cache and data for google services, rebooting the phone, and even wiping all the data and re-signing in, but it kept giving me the same error message “sync is currently experiencing problems. It will be back shortly.” Well “be back shortly” turned out to be pretty meaningless, as it still wasn’t syncing my gmail or my contacts three weeks later. My Desire was over a year old, out of warranty, and had a charger input problem anyway, so I bought a new phone today: an HTC OneV. I set it up and signed into google, but it’s giving me the same problems and isn’t syncing my gmail or any of my contacts stored in google. I’ve tried all the troubleshooting tips I’ve found on the internet to no avail. I can sign into gmail on my computer just fine.

Any suggestions?

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Do you have another Gmail account you can test out, to see if it’s the exact email account?

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@Aethelflaed nope. It won’t let me sign out from my phone, either.

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Maybe talk to the carrier?

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@Aethelflaed I’ll probably have to do that. I was just curious as to if anyone here might have a solution first.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_BastardThis thread sounds like it’s the same error you are getting. One user was able to fix it by…

“I was able to fix that by logging into my google account online. Then going to contacts. Then select the drop down menu to merge duplicate contacts.
Once i did this, my phone re-synced the contacts and is back to green again.”

One person confirmed that this also resolved their problem. Worth a try?

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Try downloading Google Chrome which is now out as a mobile free app and use that as your browser. It should then sync with all your desktop tabs and with your gMail seamlessly.

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@tom_g and @janbb tried both suggestions. Neither worked. :( Still getting the same error.

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