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What is your favorite cartoon from the 80's?

Asked by themherme (191points) June 1st, 2008

I have so many of them lol, well we both do there is this really really cool thing on you tube like thirty minutes long witht the intro to many 80’s cartoons, it is so awesome. Anyways gimme some feed back I am dying to see if anyone else remembers the things that we do lol

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Adventures of the Scrabble people =)

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None that I can think of.

themherme's avatar here is that clip I was talking about lol, maybe you can pick from here

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Biker mice from mars? or is that the wrong decade?

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DangerMouse and Inspector Gadget were pretty good. My two grown daughters liked The Smurfs when they were small.

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The Transformers, definetly, every other answer in this topic bites the dust compared to this one, the most iconic, and coolest cartoon (looks at his original series deluxe box and smiles)

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I am not a big fan of 80’s cartoons but if I have to come up with something I would say based on the above list:
Schoolhouse Rock
Of course the Simpson- Hands down the best thing to come out of the 80’s

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Gummi Bears (bouncing here and there and everywhere)

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Road Runner. Beep BeEp

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Denver, the Last Dinosaur

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My favorite is Tom and Jerry ! But then I did like others such as: Looney Tunes – especially the Bugs Bunny ones! Jetsons! Flintstones! Smurfs! He-man was also fun. This is of course a totally incomplete list, but I will add more as I think of them.

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Dungeons and dragons (when it wasn’t a repeat)

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yeah, that girl with the invisible cloak was hot!

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she was hot…when you could see her

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110% GI Freaking Joe!

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Adina- Schoolhouse rock was early to mid seventies, when I was a kid. Good call on the Simpsons. That did start in the 80’s.

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more props to Matt Groening

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@playthebanjo, yeah, but she was hot, damn, just look at her

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great link. Something about the red hair + rpg’s that gets my heart racing.

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Silver Hawks.

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does anyone remember the z force?

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rainbow bright and care bears

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smart: gummi bears was a good one, the uncle that made the gummi juice sounds just like my uncle

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