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Which of the seven deadly sins are you most prone to?

Asked by athenasgriffin (5969points) July 26th, 2012

This hasn’t been asked for four years, and I think it is an interesting thing to consider, and a great, fun way to get to know people.

So, which one:

And why do you think that is? How do you most display it? Do you have a tie?

And there are, of course, the seven heavenly virtues to make up for them:
Temperance (Self restraint)
Diligence (Zeal, labor)

Which one comes easiest to you?

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Sloth, I can quite easily waste a day away.

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The one that says there is no such thing as sin.

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Sloth and Lust.
Also Chastity, Temperance, Forgiveness, Kindness and Humility.

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Sloth, with gluttony running a close second. :-(

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Probably pride.
@tinyfaery So you don’t think that anything could be called bad?

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I’m shooting for my merit badges on all of them.

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Sloth. I’m lazy. Pride. I take pride in being lazy, I believe it to be a good thing. I wish I was a house cat. Oooh, envy, too.

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Oh, and Forgiveness.

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Bad does not equal sin.

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Anger, Pride, Lust and Greed

Screw the virtues, there’s malicious intent behind all of them.

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@Symbeline I think house cats are the highest form of life. Sleep, eat, play and groom. No work, no worries. They don’t even clean-up after their own shit.

If there is a god (which I highly doubt) man was made to serve god, but cats were made to be served by god. Hey, even god has to stay humble.

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@tinyfaery Does so. Sin works out to ‘bad as defined by God,” with God setting the standards for ‘good” and ‘bad.”

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Hmm… either sloth or gluttony.
I’d say gluttony.

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Jesus might give me a pass on most of the sins and then say that I’m pretty guilty of greed.

I think that I good with most of the virtues but I’m best at diligence and weak on forgiveness

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Lust, that’s only because i’m a red blooded dirty bastard though.

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@ucme No other reason? :P

ucme's avatar

Phwoar, @MilkyWay just stuck her tongue out, ooh-err missus…...err, none that I can think of no ;¬}

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@ucme Okay. :P :P

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My sins are gluttony and sloth, and my virtues are charity and kindness.

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I’d say Sloth, but I can’t even be bothered to finish saying why…

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Sloth, anger, gluttony, lust (well, kind of).

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Sloth, anger, and envy.

Kindness and chastity

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Gluttony, the rest are meaningless to me. lol
I like to eat, drink, talk, be merry, take in, inhale experiences.
I have a zesty appetite for all things to be consumed, including a gluttony for knowledge.
I always joke that if I go off my feed or stop talking you know I am REALLY sick. haha

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I guess it would be gluttony… whaddaya mean, there’s more than one serving to a bag of chips?!
Maybe sloth as a runner-up, since I’m on here instead of finishing the vacuuming.

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@ccrow: You’re not procrastinating; you just like to do things… later.

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Sloth- I do have medical reasons for this though.
Envy- I’m insanely jealous of wealthy people.
Anger- Hello….. can you say bitch button?
Lust- Have you seen my constant mention of Johnny Depp?

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Lust, sloth, and gluttony are all tied. I have no “heavenly virtues” to make up for them, however.

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Sloth and lust. I can waste a day easily, especially if lust is involved.
Kindness is the way I follow the Golden rule.
I think it’s time to invent new lists to bring them more up to date.

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Pride and anger, and forgiveness and kindness

Ponderer983's avatar

Gluttony, because whatever I like I want a lot of it!
Humility, and i have to say it was harder to choose that over the sin. I’m going to hell!

YARNLADY's avatar

sloth and gluttony

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I can put my hand up for all of those sins to varying levels on a regular basis. I may not take them to the greatest degree, but I am certainly guilty of them all regularly.

Pride – I don’t go overboard on being prideful but I won’t hide my talents either. Sometimes you have to blow your own trumpet.
Sloth – As I lie in bed answering Fluther questions… should I do that writing and clean the house? Next question please.
Envy – I have been envious of others on occasions but it’s not a big fault of mine.
Greed – Oh I can be very greedy about some things. I think I have slight hedonistic tendencies.
Anger – I have a terrible temper.
Lust – Bring it on!!
Gluttony – And this too… occasionally.

Not so strong on the virtues.

Chastity – No. This one I cannot claim. I like sex way too much. I don’t think chastity is healthy.
Temperance (Self restraint) – bit too impetuous to do well with temperance.
Charity – On occasions. I have the philosophy if I can help, I should.
Diligence (Zeal, labor) – I work way too much. I will put my hand up for this one.
Forgiveness – mmmm….....yes. I am pretty good at forgiveness. Takes me a while sometimes though.
Kindness – I think I am a kind person and have had others tell me I am.
Humility – No. Not me. See above. Pride. Ouch… sorry just fell over my pride and hit my face on the floor. Who left that humility sitting there?

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Humility is perhaps the most prominent of my 7000 virtues, and sloth is the vice that

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Saying one has Humility seems to be a bit of a Catch 22 to me.

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@Bellatrix Interesting. That reminds me of the Satanic Bible written by Anton Szandor LaVey, and how he explains that the Seven Deadly Sins are just us being human. We all do it every day, and they’re only bad if you go out of your way to hurt others with said sins. For example, greed. Really, what’s wrong with greed? It just means I want more than I have. That doesn’t mean I don’t understand that I should be thankful for what I do have, or that other people have way less. I know all that. Greed becomes wrong if you hurt someone in order to obtain what you want. Essentially, these sins make us human.
Then again, Anton was a fascinating man, but a lot of the stuff he said or suggested was totally ballistic and nonsensical, and seemed to exist merely to bash Christianity. I may be off my rocker. XD

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Italian Food

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Is sweating considered a sin since it usually leads to sloth?

I am dripping here in the heat and humidity.

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Oh, you said “humility” and not “humidity” Sorry.

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Are we supposed to mention our good virtues as well? If so then my stronger ones would be charity and temperance.

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@MilkyWay Yep, the good and the bad. But I thought most people wouldn’t be able to mention their best qualities without feeling quite braggy. And most who mentioned attributes was teased in some way.

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@athenasgriffin :) Thanks for not picking on me then, haha!

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