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Best intro level Guitar kit?

Asked by BronxLens (1539points) June 1st, 2008

Looking for one that comes as part of a kit. Among some options I see in Amazon are the Kona Deluxe Acoustic (part of the Guitar for Dummies Kit) & the Behringer Acoustic.

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first of all, are you planning on electric or acoustic? second, don’t outcheap it, if it’s cheap you’ll know it will probably not be good, right?

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Looking for an acoustic for a 19 y.o.

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Guitar Hero!

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no, that’s just a game, been playing guitar for some time, also have the games, i can safely say that guitar hero is shame to guitar playing

well, recently played on a pretty cheap alhambra, which sounded pretty amazing, i also like the ibanez accoustics, those are my advices

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I suggest purchasing a guitar and whichever book separately- not as a kit. A name brand will hold value. Entry lvl martins are great. Check out books and DVDs at

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Get one the Fender Squire packages from Guitar Center or your local music store.

They’re prob the you’ll get for the very low price. It comes with everything you’ll need.

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depends what you’re after… Guitar Hero ruined a lot of potentials who jump straight to electric and wonder why they can’t learn “something easy” like Nativity in Black.

Go Fender. They’ve got a solid wood body, strings, tutorial DVD, picks and more in a “gig bag” for $300 or less. Check especially around Christmas time.

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