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Did you know Mitt Romeny's father was born in Mexico and his grandparents practiced polygamy?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36388points) July 26th, 2012


So shall we all freak out and tear at our hair, paint our faces red and cover ourselves with sack cloth and ashes to protest Romney’s eligibility?

…....Nah. It’s cool. His parents were Americans living in a Mormon colony. in Mexico.

But lawd, wouldn’t the tea party have a hay day with that bit of info if was Obama’s father who had been born in Mexico and whose parents were, quite obviously, Mexican nationals who had renounced the United States and lived in a commune where everyone was having sex with everyone else because they were POLYGAMOUS!!! Well, his grandparents were, anyway. From Wiki “Romney’s grandparents were polygamous Mormons who fled the United States with their children owing to the federal government’s prosecution of polygamy

The more I read the better and better it gets!! But…I still couldn’t care less.

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The best part of the question is “I couldn’t care less” I agree with you there. And for the record, for some reason, I hate it when we disagree.

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LOL!!! So solly!
Wait…it was Mitt Romney’s GREAT grandparents who practiced polygamy, and fled the United States to avoid being prosecuted for breaking federal laws.
It’s very confusing! (Sure as hell…there is a post on Facebook about this, and someone…I’‘m ashamed to say, a Democrat…seriously called it a commune….sigh.)

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I guess that the fact that this isn’t all over the airwaves and protest signs and being yelled about on the floor of Congress shows you a difference between the two parties and those who follow them.

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i don’t spek gorilla so good. i ont no wat you sed.

Wait! Wait! K. Romney’s greatgrand parents fled to Mexico to avoid prosecution. Now, his FATHER was born in Mexico, so does that mean one or both of his grandparents were born and raised in Mexico where they had Mitt’s father?

Yeah…I hope it’s mentioned so everyone can see the Democrats yawn like grown ups.

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@Dutchess_III Well, it will probably be brought up on The Daily Show and/or The Colbert Report, but anybody who takes those shows too seriously has issues.

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I knew that.

BTW, my great-great grandmother and her daughter lived in polygamy with a man and several other wives. He was the daughter’s step Dad/husband.

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@Dutchess_III : I think they meant IOKIYAR which means It’s OK If You Are Republican.

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LOL @johnpowell !! He said it correctly. Just had a slightly different dialect than you. :)

@YARNLADY Yes, I’m sure a lot of us have ancestors who did a lot of things we don’t understand now (he was also his step daughter’s husband?? That’s just gross,) but none of us are running for President.

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Yes, I knew this already (being from Massachusetts and all). Plus I have good friends who are friendly with him and his family.

It is rather ironic.

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Yeah…Mexico of all places!

@YARNLADY…Wait…how do they KNOW it was his step daughter and not his real daughter??

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Was aware of it, and I hope not a single comment is wasted on this during the campaign. It means nothing.

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Yes, I knew that. Many parents lived in other countries. Many parents and grandparents practiced many things. Is there a point? Yawn…......

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As a fellow poly supporter, he just earned some brownie points

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This is America, what his father or grandfather did should mean nothing. We are a country that is supposed to evaluate each individual as an individual on his own merit, not by family name. We are a country of new starts, not of legacy. Ideally. We do not live to rectify or be burdened by our fathers sins so to speak, not that I am calling Romney’s family sinners, just using the expression.

Romney did bring up his father was born in Mexico when talking to a Hispanic audience at one point, not sure if he was half joking or not that it counts for something in terms of him being Hispanic? I think we all know he doesn’t really count as Hispanic, including him.

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Yes, I knew that. I find it ironic that Mitt Romney’s father was born in Mexico, but since both of his parents were American citizens, he was automatically an American citizen & he was able to run for the Presidency of the United States.

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You couldn’t care less about this is such B.S. You love it digging up anything that may be derogatory about Romney. Yes you do love it so. Well if that’s what rattles your cage then knock yourself out.
While you’re at it, research to see if Romney’s ancestors knew Joseph Smith.
Have fun!

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@Dutchess_III Her real father died, and her mother re-married. Then the adult daughter married the same man, at the same time. After he died, the daughter married my Great Grandfather.

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@YARNLADY Ah! Gotcha! Thanks. But still…young enough to be his daughter AND he was her step-father. Well, our ancestors did a lot of things we can’t fathom today.

@JLeslie Well said.
But as far as the other I don’t think Mitt Romney is “Hispanic,” in any way shape or form. So it had to be a joke…I mean, his dad was born in Mexico but that doesn’t automatically his dad, or him, “Hispanic.”

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The only reason I might care is for purposes of pointing out the hypocrisy among people who take issue with Obama’s background. But I strongly disapprove of people doing so, and likewise I won’t be putting any weight on this tidbit about Romney.

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Was Obama’s great grandfather a Poly too, @Mariah, or Mexicans? lol

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@bkcunningham I think you’re just making a joke, but since I’m really bad at discerning that on the internet – :) – no, but Obama’s father is Kenyan, and a lot of the “birthers” seem to have a problem with that, and there’s also all that suspicion about Obama supposedly being Muslim. Looks like Romney has some pretty similar skeletons in his family’s closet, so I find it hypocritical to say the least.

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Exactly, @Mariah. Very well said. And….Who the hell cares?

Although, if Obama’s great grandparents had been polygamists on the run from the laws of the United States…whoosh! Can you imagine the tea party Party?!

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@wundayatta. Yes, he is a Mormon. Don’t care.

As far as immigration, as far back as we can tell, his great-grand-parents, were citizens of the USA , not immigrants. They ran from the USA, where they were citizens, to Mexico for protection from certain federal laws present in the USA. Don’t know about his great-great-grandparents who were probably immigrants from Europe not Mexico.

Whatever, I don’t care either. Viva La Mejico!

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@Dutchess_III No one in his family was actually a citizen of Mexico were they? Not that it matters, just wonderng about the facts.

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I haven’t even looked that far. I just scanned the Wiki article on George Romeny, Mitt’s dad. It looks like George Romeny’s grand parents spent most of their adult lives in Mexico after they fled the US. The article indicates that that their kids had already been born in the US before they left for Mexico, though, so that would make George Romney’s dad an American.
The article is really interesting…George Romeny was raised in really humble circumstances. For example, after they left Mexico when the revolution started: “In the United States, Romney grew up in humble circumstances.[19] The family subsisted with other Mormon refugees on government relief in El Paso, Texas for a few months before moving to Los Angeles, California, where Gaskell Romney worked as a carpenter.[17][20] In kindergarten, other children mocked Romney’s national origin by calling him “Mex”.[” Wow…they got government relief for a few months. I’d say Mitt Romeny is nothing like his father.

It looks like George Romeny made a bid for president but it was quickly shot down, probably over the fact that he was born in Mexico. Which sucks. I think he would have made a good president. BUT we elected “My fellow Americans” Nixon, instead.

Does being born in a certain country automatically make you a citizen of that country?? Or do you have a choice?

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@Dutchess_III It depends on the laws of the specific country. The US has the rule that if you are born here you are automatically a citizen, but other countries don’t have that law. I am pretty sure MX doesn’t, but I would have to check. I am not sure if my husband knows off the top of his head (he is Mexican). I think we have that law so black people would be citizens, but I am not sure of the entire history, it was an amendment to the constitution, and now of course it is a source of disagreement regarding immigration.

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Interesting! Very!

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@Dutchess_III I found this wikipedia page on the matter. It looks like MX does grant citizenship based on birth within it’s borders, but I don’t know what year they adopted the policy. There is some info on the 14th amendment at the bottom under United States. It actually talks about Native Americans needing citizenship. Probably if you are very interested in the laws regarding this in the US it is better to research it in additional places beside wikipedia.

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Nah..I’m not very interested. I have always assumed if you were born in a certain country then you were a citizen of that country. But I guess it ain’t so!

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I meant the idea of people born in the US becoming US citizens dating back to the slavery days and came about so that children born of slaves were US citizens was very interesting.

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Ignore this link if you want, but I did a little more reading to check my memory regarding black children born to slaves/black Africans in the US and it seems in 1857 there was a law that black people could not be citizens of the US, I didn’t know that until I read this, and then the 14th amendment overruled that ruling.

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Well, looks to me like George Romney could have been president.

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@Dutchess_III I think so. There have been court arguments over how “natural born citizen” should be interpreted. Also, back in the day people could not hold dual citizenship as easily as they can now, which probably infouenced how people viewed these things? Just guessing.

I don’t think George Romney could have won being a Mormon. Kennedy was a big enough upset for some people being Catholic. But, you never know.

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Oh. Of course! I didn’t even think of that. That was the 60’s man, and a person’s religion was just about EVERYTHING. Stupid.

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