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Do you think we should update the list of sins and virtues?

Asked by Sunny2 (18758points) July 26th, 2012

Times have changed, as the song goes. Create a new list of the 10 deadly sins and 10 holy virtues for the way things are today

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There are only 7 in each category (but if you want to make it 10, be my guest). And, I don’t think the list is outdated. You can apply any of them any number of ways. Lust isn’t just sex, the general definition is ardent enthusiasm; zest; relish. I think our actions are pretty well outlined in those 7.

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We can create more complete list and include less generalized deed with 10 choices. (I actually forgot it was only 7) This is a social question and I was hoping for some jesting from those who are able to make fun of sacred cows.

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If you have to update them, they were not sins (more accurately vices) or virtues in the first place.

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@Sunny2 If you are including me in the “we” that would do the updating then for the good of society certainly not.

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Sins, 1
1.Texting while driving,
2.leaving the toilet seat up in the toilet at night,
3.(according to my husband) not squeezing the end of the toothpaste tube,
4.playing or making loud noises after 10 and before 9 am
5.letting deadly gas escape your body in a crowd and looking at you like you are the culprit
6. pissing on public toilet seat because you have to hover
7. ripping someone off
8. Just being a general asshole
9. asking someone to work overtime and not give them shit for it.
10. Working someone 39 hours instead of 40 so you don’t have to give them benefits.

As for virtures. Really, just not being nice 24/7 would cover it all. Too many assholes in the world.

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Opps correction above. Virtue, being nice 24/7. Sorry it was late and I was a bit sleepy.

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Run that by the Vatican, let us know how that works out.

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@Pandora Good list! Thanks for making it.

I have to tell you, I wouldn’t answer my own question here.

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I think everything could be summed up in one rule only; don’t be a dick.

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I apologize. This was not a well thought out question. We deserve better than this.

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