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How do I get patterns like background?

Asked by curaloucura (2points) June 29th, 2007

I like to see websites with art-nouveu patterns like the background of, where can I get them?

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segdeha's avatar has patterns like this one. In fact, they have this one. It's not free, but it's quite cheap ($1 US).

slim_nick's avatar is probably your best bet. But if a dollar is too much to spend then you can grab Fluther's from BUT and I mean it if you are going to STEAL their artwork at least save a copy to your computer and upload it to your site or a file hosting site like

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It would, in fact, be stealing to use Fluther's because they bought it off of and everything there is copyright protected.

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I mean legally and not exactly this one, but similars. I was thinking about something like, but that's fine, iStockPhoto is my solution.

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You might want to take a look at Squidfingers. See:
There may be others but this was one of the first web sites to offer pleasant patterns of this kind.

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