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Why do people get confused about the relationship between the Second Ammendment and the slogan 'Gun Control'?

Asked by josie (28674points) July 26th, 2012

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

The Second Ammendment is the law of the land. Nobody will get anywhere at all arguing that people may not legally own firearms.

On the other hand, ‘Gun Control’ is a slogan. It is, I believe, designed to make people believe that there is no place for debate about what weapons may be possessed to serve the interests of the People, and what weapons may be restricted in order to serve the interests of the People.

I appreciate that politicians play word tricks every day. That is what they do. They are jokers and liars and ambitious egotists, and that is what they do.

But what is wrong with the People? How did it come to pass that they do not understand the difference?

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@josie Gun control is keeping your gun muzzle on the target. The 2nd Amendment just says we can have weapons, it doesn’t say what weapons. Want to be a policeman or women going up against a guy with a 30 round or larger magazine? That amendment was written long before firepower came this far.

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I think you can trace it back to the eighties. Up until about then, there was no confusion in the public mind, people were allowed to own guns, with some restrictions for safety. For example, you could not carry automatic weapons.

Gun companies discovered that their profits were going down. They realized in order to remain profitable, they needed to sell more weapons to those individuals who were already purchasing weapons in order to stay profitable. They began a fear campaign to tell gun owners that other people were trying to take their guns from them, and they better buy as many guns and as much ammunition as they possibly can before other people come and take them away from them.

So, the confusion began when gun owners, spurred by their willingness to sheepishly take direction from gun sellers, began to see the whole world as against them. They are the perfect example of sheep believing themselves to be wolves.

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Because the extremists on both sides know how to take advantage of the slippery slope and want to deny each other of getting a foothold in to exercise it.

And then there is the idea that gun control…does it really work?...enough…. to justify taking away the rights of millions of the good guys because of the actions of a few bad actors? Seems that the areas with the most gun control have the highest crime rates. I still am waiting for that to be explained
We have the freest society on the planet and whenever there is that much freedom out there , there are going to be those who want to abuse it. For this reason I believe is why prison sentences are so ridiculously extreme at times. Freedoms mean personal responsibility from all for it to work and if we get those who try to play the system and get caught taking advantage of these freedoms to hurt others or for other personal gains. There is a reason there are so many rules, and there are rules although possibly good in intention do not do what they were intended to do and have undesirable consequences.

The law says that a citizen militia not the National Guard will show up with appropriate military gear and ammunition as well as weapons in use at the current time

Then there is the divide in the country who don’t really care about logic on the matter, they just want to get into power to finally be able to take from the other side to piss them off so they can gloat. That is what extremists do well from boh sides…is gloat over taking away rights from the other side more for sport. The left knows that restricting gun ownership really doesn’t do shit to stop crime , and the right knows fucking well that gays being allowed to legaly marry will not destroy the institution of marriage.

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I don’t really understand what you’re saying. Gun control =/= no guns. Are there people who think it does mean that? It is your right to own a gun, but I don’t see that it’s your right to own one easily, or to own any type of gun you want. Gun control covers those aspects.

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I have become inured to the stupidity of the public at large, and no longer hold out any hope for our future. My realization all began when Bush was elected to a second term, and I’ve become more and more disenfranchised.

I have a cousin who posts memes about “Gun control and the confiscation of guns caused 56 million deaths” (referencing dictatorial regimes that have enacted forms of genocide – I won’t go in to the screamingly frustrating discussion with his gun-totin’ buddies about democracy and rule of law) and he and his buddies won’t even concede that if you’re going to talk about trying to prevent mass shootings and criminal acts performed with guns that you at least need to include in your discussion the possibility of common sense legislation to screen and control who gets to buy a gun. Won’t even consider it.

I have a gun in my home. I’ve taken a gun safety course, and the concealed-carry course, and am qualified for a permit. I also have 2 holes in my roof and a dent in my bedroom floor where a bullet landed when some stupid fucker thought it would be fun to shoot into the air to celebrate New Years. Those are the people that I do not want to have guns, the ones that are irresponsible, unsafe, and flat-out stupid.

No one screams about an “infringement of their rights” when they have to take a class, pass a test, carry a license and have insurance to drive a car. We do all of that for a form of transportation but we don’t even go that far for a weapon?!?

I believe that you should have to pass a background check to purchase any gun (criminal record and mental health hospitalization).
I believe that you should have to take a gun safety course and pass a comprehension test in order to purchase a gun.
I believe that you should be required to carry liability insurance to own a gun.
I believe that you should be required to carry a license any time you carry a gun and that anyone found with a gun and no license should go to jail.

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You can’t compare car ownership to guns so please people….can we please just stop doing that? There is no comparison they are totally different things. People don’t get into cars for self defense. People don’t get a gun for transportation. To try to link the two is being disingenuous at best and really futile at its worst.

Not to mention that more people die in cars than with guns.

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