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Has any member of fluther been a member of excite chat rooms of 98-00?

Asked by whiteliondreams (1717points) July 27th, 2012

Anyone here chat at excite chat when it was popular and booming? When rooms like Ghost Stories or San Francisco were loaded with strangers communing and socializing? If so, state your handle at the time and which room you hung out at. Many people here remind me of those days and would love to see if we actually socialized then and unknowingly now. Also, were you a part of any groups aka “clans”?

The_Infinite_One [Ghost Stories]

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Hey! That was a long time ago!
Yes I remember using excite chat because it was the only one I knew for a while and then I remember starting to use ICQ or IRC…
But no, I wasn’t part of any clans…

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No I wasn’t but I was a member of a site, years ago and we had great chat and great fun and I often wonder how it is going now. I don’t know if anyone knows of sexy-ads chat? I suppose if I did pop back there, most the people would be gone. But we had such good laughs my stomach and sides hurt.

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Oh that was so long ago in relative terms. I dont even recall my handle.
I also recal the dawn of this kind of thing on BBS systems back in the 80’s. Amazing how far we have come from modem couplers, smart modems, terminals, etc

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