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Is this post something you would take seriously, if you knew me?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44649points) July 27th, 2012

On FB I posted:

Dear Michelle Obama,

You send the nicest emails to me every day. They are a little naggy sometimes, which seems kind of odd. I guess I just don’t know you that well. I have sent the nicest money to you. WHERE’S MY BACK YARD COOK OUT WITH YOU GUYS FOR MR’S BIRTHDAY???? I already have what I’m going to wear planned! I made a special trip to Goodwill and got a special bar-b-que outfit! It’s white and yellow and even black!!! I WANT MY BAR B QUE!!!!


P.S. Do you REALLY need to borrow EIGHT DOLLARS every single DAY?? What do you need it for? Maybe you should get a job. I heard Goodwill is hiring.

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@Dutchess_III That’s so funny. It’s exactly like you! I remember when you asked me to submit a question to Barack. It was like, the ten millionth question submitted,lol. Did you get a reply yet? __I forgot what the question was__

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Well, at least the person didn’t call her a “mothercocker”.

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No seriousness here. I laughed my ass off at that! On another note, I indeed wrote to our President shortly after he was inaugurated and never heard peep from his camp.

But I also (in my younger years) invited the President and First Lady to my wedding, because I heard that they would send you a nice “congrats!” letter if you did. And I actually received a really nice picture of the two of them with a hand-written congratulations on it. (I’m sure it wasn’t really one of them that signed it, though.)

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He’s an Obama fan! I am just confused by his response…I’ve seen that argumentative, contentious, bitchy side of of in flashes over the years, but never directed toward me. I deleted the post, unfriended him, and re posted.

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@Dutchess_III You know how we feel about Mr. and Mrs. at our house! OK, now just put that photo right here in the front, so everyone can see it. I know we’re not technically related, but they’re still part of our family. Oh wait, this one doesn’t have Bo in it, where’s Bo? We need Bo!

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This looks like lyrics to an Eminem song.

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Man. I finally realized that to Anti-Obama people it LOOKED like one of those nonsense, snide insults….twas not. If yall want to find me there, find that post, let me know!!

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I wouldn’t. You mean one of your friends was upset that you posted it? What the hell…

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Well, then a couple more repubs posted about how they got such a kick out of it. So I looked at it with a different eye…and posted this, in the comments:

“Wait. I guess this could be mus-construed. I want everyone to know that I stand solidly behind Obama for president. This was not meant to be a snide insult in anyway, shape, or form. Just a bit of satire directed at the emails I get (every morning) that have Michelle’s name (or Clinton’s name, or whomever) attached to it, asking for donations ($8.00!) I have donated to his campaign. I’m supposed to be getting a bumper sticker in the mail. And I REALLY DO WANT MY BAR B QUE!! AND MY BUMPER STICKER!! Go Obama!! I ♥ you and Michelle.”

One of the posters then said:

“Darn, your letter was so funny!!! Then I was forlorn as I read yr comment. s I g h . . . ”

Other than that, no one has said anything. :( :( :(

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@Dutchess_III Am I missing something here? Who was argumentative or bitchy enough for you to unfriend them and what did they say about your post in order to make you do that? Without knowing what they had to sayi can’t really answer this question but if I had read this on someone’s FB I certainly wouldn’t take it seriously or find it offensive.

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OK. The first thing he said was “People who subscribe to political emails and then complain when they get them make me scratch my head.”

I said, “I’m not complaining.”

He said, “ just told Michelle Obama to get a job.”

I’ve seen him troll on other people, and he is relentless and horribly rude and I could tell he was getting ready to open up on me…which he did once before…then apologized.

I pretty much went off at that point, and said, “What is wrong with you? I’m just being silly, and you know that! You know me!”

Then I said, “Do you think I was seriously telling the First Lady of the United States of America to get a job at Goodwill??? Seriously???”

At that point I said, “F it.” I was getting tired of reading all the trash he piles on people who don’t think like him, trashing religious people, republicans, just everyone. I decided I didn’t need to see it any more, so I unfriended him and deleted the post, then reposted it. I did sent him a note though, and copied the “This could be misconstrued…” comment. It’s really no great loss.

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@Dutchess_III I unfriended him long ago, for that very reason. I was beyond tired of seeing his bullshit on my page.

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Too bad. When he was good, he was very, very good…and SO hilarious! But then he’d flip and….it was crazy bad. He isn’t talking to Jelly B either. Hasn’t for at least a couple of years.

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Ooh, is this someone I’d know? PM me!

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Well…yeah. He was here once. You banned him after about two hours!!! LOL!!! Grog…

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Ok. I’m totally confused now.

People on Flutter are supposed yo have an answer to this Q. I genuinely don’t get it.

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None of it makes sense to me either, @Buttonstc.

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Thats good to know. Now I don’t feel so stupid :)

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