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When did they stop wearing speedo's at the Olympics?

Asked by chyna (47027points) July 28th, 2012

I tuned into the swimming part of the Olympics to see guys in speedo’s and they are wearing longer swim trunks! WTF?
This was my favorite part of the Olympics. Why/when did the dress code change?

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You may recall they introduced high tech suits in 2008, and those were outlawed. The new suits have to be woven and can only cover certain parts of the body. I do not understand the science of swimsuit design, but be sure that somebody is always trying to figure out a way to reduce drag with form fit, and at the same time not be so tight as to allow lactic acid to pile up in the muscles. Everything you see has something to do with that.

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This reminds me of what happened in golf a few decades ago. In the 1970’s, technology progressed, and people invented golf balls that would automatically correct their flight trajectory. This gave player that used those balls to have an enormous advantage, so those (formally legal) balls were banned in competition.

We are in an age of technology, when technology often progress past the sport, allowing people to gain advantages in ways never thought possible.

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I’m glad. The sight of a man in speedos is not pleasant for me. Makes me think of potatoes.

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I don’t know but I don’t like them anyway. Doesn’t leave much to the imagination. lol

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In my response, “This gave player that used those balls to have an enormous advantage” -> “This gave players who used those ball an enormous advantage.”

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@chyna I am so sorry to hear that your view and enjoyment of men’s swimming has changed.
I believe that the Men’s Diving Team will be the best sport for you to see all the action.

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I think speedo sharkskin made its first apearance at the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

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I saw archive footage of the 1948 London Games the other day & the male swimmers/divers looked like they were wearing nappies/diapers….b..b..bu..but that can’t be because the seepage would slow them down surely.

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At least the US Womens’ Volleyball team has chosen to continue wearing bikinis.

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That’s good for all you guys out there.

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@blueiiznh WOW!! thanks for that link. Those images were spectacular!

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Probably around the same time that basketball players switched from those skimpy little short shorts in favor of ones that usually come well below their knees :)

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I watched USA beat Australia in beach volleyball and I would swear they were wearing long shorts and shirts, and thinking thank goodness now they aren’t constantly tugging at the tops and bottoms trying to maintain a modicum of privacy while trying to dig a ball out of the sand. Did I imagine this???

With regard to the male swimmers, I rather like the compression type longer pants. And yes, it is all about the glide!

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You mean Speedos, of course.

Actually, just bought a pair of Speedo trunks. If you look at their website, you will see just how many different designs and lengths there are.

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@rooeytoo No, I watched the beach volleyball and although they had long sleeve shirts on, they had bikini bottoms on that they kept tugging at throughout the entire game.

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@chyna – I must have just noticed the shirts. I am a little disappointed in their choice. But I guess it is like posing for racy calendars. Society doesn’t do a very good job at teaching young females they are more than their bodies.

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omg I just watched another and yep they were there in their skimpiest. They look even smaller than usual. And they are so good, why don’t they realize that is enough???

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