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Belt squealing when AC is on - 2001 Chrysler Sebring - any danger?

Asked by JSpeer (362points) July 28th, 2012

I have a 2001 Chrysler Sebring and most of the time when I turn the AC on, a belt starts squealing very loudly. It stops a couple of seconds after I turn the AC off. The AC doesn’t work all the time, only if I’m lucky.

All I want to know is if that belt breaks, will it effect anything other than just my AC? Will it cause anything major to happen that might really damage my engine?

Also, any idea how much it might cost to replace the belt? Thanks!

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Stripped belts! Check to see if there’s some heavy wear and tear on them and/or erosion.

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You’re assuming that the belt will have to be replaced. Sometimes it just needs to be adjusted. Have it checked out by a reputable mechanic.

But if it does require replacing, new belts aren’t that expensive.

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This happened to me last year and it was a mouse that had made a nest in the AC somewhere and then managed to get itself diced up in the fan.
My mechanic pulled out a chopped in half mouse and a bunch of grass and dry cat food. lol

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Just for curiosity, did you ever figure out how the dry cat food became part of the mélange?

Or was it due to the mouse getting into the cats food before he got chopped :)

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@Buttonstc The mouse was collecting all the pet food in the garage and stashing it in my AC vents, then, it got caught in the fan. haha

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Serves him right then. I guess your kitties were kind of sleeping on the job if he was able to steal their food right under their noses. Bold mouse.

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