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What is the best food to eat on the toilet?

Asked by CygnetSwan (62points) June 1st, 2008

Personally I find the thought of eating anything on the toilet repulsive, but this is an on-going discussion I’ve had with some family members for a long time. So far the best thing we’ve come up with is a banana because you never have to touch the part you’re eating, it can be done with one hand, and it’s not at all messy. What do you think?

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I don’t take food or drink in the bathroom so just the thought of eating in there!!!

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Corn dog.

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@ pupntaco ~ Touché good sir, touché indeed.

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chocolate fudge popsicles would do it right!

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@ buster ~ Is that metaphor? : D

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its whatever you want it to be

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Nothing! That’s disgusting.

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@ babygalll ~ The idea is that you HAVE to…Kind of like, if you HAD to kill yourself, how would you do it? Know what I mean?

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If I really had to I would either chew gum or suck on a mint!

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AstroChucks donuts—the amazing one’s that include the germ-infested napkin to keep your hand clean from any sort of glazing, sprinkles, and jelly!

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Ribs. They’re the tastiest of those listed and you could wash your hands right after you finish.

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PrancingUrchin, the problem with your suggestion is that you have to wash your hands after you finish with the ribs, causing your hands to be wet, causing the toilet paper to become wet (not to mention you have to stand up to wash your hands….after you finish business) Which means you 1) have to wash your hands twice or 2) not eat ribs or 3) be creative.

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a smoothie in one of those hats with the straws leading to your mouth, typically used for beer.

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@ezraglenn, why would you misuse a beer helmet for anything other than beer?

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I just considered a smoothie technically more of a food than beer.

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