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Freedom for Ireland?

Asked by Mr_Paradox (3017points) July 28th, 2012

What is your opinion on the fight for the “liberation” of N. Ireland from the British? I only ask because there was a failed bombing in Belfast recently (last few weeks) and it has been on my mind.

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Wiki says that it’s largely self-governing. Perhaps the self-government could put it to a vote: keep things as they are, join the U.K. properly, join Ireland properly, or push for full independence.

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I think Northern Ireland would have the same problem as Scotland will if they gain independence; crippling poverty. Now that ship-building and other heavy industry has almost gone, neither region is capable of financial self-sufficiency.

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@downtide What if the various…countries were to confederate? That would allow a lot of autonomy without sacrificing the economic ties. And it would be ironic as all heck from this side of the pond.

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@Nullo I really doubt that they would be willing to do that. And even if they do, unless they’re willing to include England they’ll still be in the same situation. And if they’re going to include England in their confederacy then they’re in no different a position from the one they’re in now, being part of the UK.

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While the likes of Scotland and Wales have the potential to stand alone, much of the reason N. Ireland is a member of the UK is owed to the relatively recent civil war, or ‘the troubles’. As a consequence of this the country is heavily split between those in favour of re-uniting with the Republic of Ireland, and those wishing to remain part of the UK. So from a sociological standpoint it’s already very complicated. Economically N. Ireland as a separate nation may have a great deal of influence and potential, but this isn’t an area I am familiar with, so I couldn’t offer a credible perspective.

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