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I am very unhappy with Mountain Lion, how do I go back to Lion on my brand new Macbook Pro?

Asked by omfgTALIjustIMDu (7673points) July 29th, 2012

My dad made me install Mountain Lion on my brand new Macbook Pro, and I absolutely hate it. How do I get rid of it and go back to Lion?

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Having not done this myself, I’d think you could use your last 10.7.x back up to restore after a clean 10.7 install + update.

Obviously this could be problematic if you don’t have a copy of the Lion installer handy as, to my knowledge, it’s no longer available from Apple.

Definitely google downgrade or roll back to lion (or something to that effect) first to see if others who actually have tried it have had success and what the issues are. You don’t want to get caught missing something mid way through.

Apple’s discussions/support threads and macrumors forums are probably decent places to start for more in-depth info. With a quick check I’m pretty sure I also saw a link to a youtube video about downgrading from 10.8 to 10.7.

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Do you use time machine regularly? If so, your old OS is there.

Just curious by the way, what don’t you like about Mountain Lion? It has AirPlay!

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@wonderingwhy The only info I saw on someone being successful was wayyy too techy for me to replicate.

@Whiteigress I do use time machine regularly and my latest backup is there, but I didn’t know if I have to erase my computer first before plugging it in, or if I use migration assistant, or what. The last thing I want is back up the computer as it is now with the Mountain Lion.
What I don’t like about it:
1)The notification system is super annoying and you can’t permanently turn it off and you can’t remove it from the screen at all.
2) It somehow made it so I can’t “check all” in my Yahoo mail, and I’m not interested in switching to Mac Mail. This basically makes it as inefficient as possible to use my computer for what I actually need it for half the time.
3) They made it so the “delete” button no longer goes back in Safari, something which by now is a reflex for me and a real pain in the ass.
4) I have no idea what AirPlay is or why it’s so great.
5) It added this super dumb button in Safari that shows you all our tabs. Which sounds okay, except that it’s right below all the tabs which are open so I obviously can just see which tabs I have open right there and there’s absolutely no point in adding the extra step of clicking the button then using that to scroll to the tab I want to open. It’s just extra clutter.
6) This isn’t about Mountain Lion, but I also really despise the trackpad nonsense. I really really really miss having a real clicker and the way I have to hold my hand on the trackpad and click harder than I used to makes my wrist hurt after 10 minutes of use.

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What is the Screen Notification you are talking about? Could you perhaps do a screen shot and upload to like or something? (screen shot command+shift+3) Thanks!

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@_Whitetigress I dropped off the computer at the genius bar today and they’re gonna wipe the computer so I can go back to Lion from scratch. Thus, I apologize, but I can’t take a screen shot. Thank you for your input.

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