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How far do you have to go in dealing with various forms of discrimination in your country?

Asked by wundayatta (58693points) July 29th, 2012

You can answer:
1) a long way to go
2) we’ve been working on it and making progress
3) we’re doing pretty well
4) we’ve pretty much eliminated unfair discrimination.

The forms of discrimination I’m interested in are:
physical disability,
mental disability.

Do you have any comments about how your nation has been doing, overall, in dealing with these forms of discrimination? Are you doing better than most people thing? Worse than most people think? Do the dominant people think things are better than those who are discriminated against?

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Overall I think we are doing pretty good except for against black muslim retarded female cripples that are a threat to us all.

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I’d say we’re doing pretty well, even though I have come across racism, sexism, and ethnicism in my personal life.
If we look at Britain during the 80s, and compare the Britain 20 or 30 years later, I think we’ve done extremely well. And I think that we are one of the top countries who are multicultural and have successfully welcomed people of all origin/race.
I’m not saying these kinds of discrimination don;t exist, I’m just saying I think we’ve done very well considering how Britain was like not very long ago.

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First I thought we were 3. Then I thought we were 2. Now I realize we are still number 1. That’s America for you, backwards just to be number 1.

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In many ways, further than we had to go a decade ago. In other ways, we almost have it right.

Now, if we could get rid of people like Santorum, Bachmann, Limbaugh, and the WBC, we’d make a great leap forward. And while we have accepted non-Hispanics rather better than before, it seems that there is more antipathy towards Mexico than there used to be as well, some of it codifed into actual law, so you can’t really say that we are more racially tolerant than before.

Our tolerance of non-Christian religions also seems to be uneven. Hell, there are some Christians who pull a No true Scotsman…” whenever they hear of another Christian expressing tolerance, or voting Democrat.

Yet, sad to say, @DaphneT is right; we are better there than much of the world.

That makes me sad.

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@DaphneT , @jerv, I’m an American also. I have to agree with you that it is sad to say that we are better than most of the world. Does it seem to you, however, that it is getting worse in many ways? I know that it is, in some ways, getting better, but I think in many ways it is getting worse.

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@GracieT It is. Look at the GOP if you have any doubt. I’m not saying all Republicans are hate-filled homophobic racists, but quite a few of that type are in the spotlight right now, and many easily-led sheeple are echoing the intolerance.

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@jerv Shoot! I missed homophobic! So we are pretty open to all peoples except lesbian black muslim retarded female cripples, who are invading as illegal aliens across our southern border in the dark of the night.

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@majorrich Well, they aren’t much for Socialists either, like our neighbors to the North with their universal healthcare, or those who insist on living wages for the working class at the expense of billionaires.
Fortunately, those extremists are a relative minority. Unfortunately, they are also a rather outspoken minority with a few of their members in high office. And the reason things are getting worse is that they are a growing minority as well, as they are steering the entire party in a bad direction. Look as the recent laws/proposals doing things such as legalizing the murder of certain doctors in South Dakota.
Discrimination has changed, but it’s still present.

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I just gave up on all this a year ago. It’s so bad here in all the ways you mentioned.

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I did it again and posted without retreading my answer again. If I had to do it again I would have re-phrased that sentence. We are NOT better than most of the world, in fact we are worse off than most of the world!

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