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What is the difference between optical retail stores and going to the eye doctor?

Asked by mikey7183 (338points) June 1st, 2008

I wanna get an eye checkup and may need a stronger pair of lens for my eyeglasses. But I am wondering, what is the difference if you go to a eye retail store like LensCrafters or Cohen’s Optical vs. going to the eye doctor?

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Dr. of Ophthalmlogy has been to Med School and will test for cataracts, macular degeneration, floaters,detached retinas,and other nasty eye problems -along with checking and correcting your Rx. Expensive (since he has been to Med. School.)

Optomotrists are also trained to do the above but can’t do the surgery if necessary.

An optician is an eye care professional who provides corrective lenses based on a refraction prescription supplied by a ophthalmologist or optometrist. ...(wickipedia)

I think that Lenscrafters sell frames, fill Rx, and fit glasses only.

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Going to the eye doctor is covered through my insurance. I don’t think they cover going to a retail store.

Not to put anyone down or anything, but I would go to the eye doctor. I wouldn’t trust retail stores. Your eyes are extremely important and you should take really good care of them.

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Ok, I think I am fault-free when I say…
@gailcalled, “Wikipedia”

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I think that an actual optometrist knows what he/she is doing considering such a visit an actual eye dr. As oppose to going to a retail store, so when going for any type of personal checkup health, eyecare e.t.c. Make sure you go to someone who does know what they are doing and most importantly licensed. Goodluck

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Wizard; Spot on. You got me. g

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